07-Ghost Volume 8 Manga Review

07-Ghost 8“The Radius”

Title: 07-Ghost Volume 8

Story: Yuki Amemiya

Artist: Yukino Ichihara

U. S. Distributor: Viz Media

U. S. Release Date: September 14, 2014

Format: Manga, supernatural, adventure, 200 pages

Age Rating: T for Teen

Overall Personal Rating: C


Teito falls back into a memory.The Seven Ghosts believe the truth lies in his memory because it looks as if the memory quelle has been altered. In the past, Teito had been used in a ceremony to seal Pandora’s box. It is this that will cast him into the very center of the fight against Verloren. Can knowing the truth lead Teito in the right direction? As he struggles with his fate, he is determined to carry on with the help of his supporters.

The power of the Eye of Mikael has him safe for now. The Bishops know it is their job to protect Pandora’s box but it is beyond complicated. Who is behind it all? Who is the real manipulator? And does the Pope have the power to help?

As Teito continues to travel with Frau and Capella, they encounter two Combat Slaves from Raggs. Teito is glad to hear his own dialect and befriends them. It is a bright spot, however temporary, in the journey.



I still have a difficult time getting into this series. The characters haven’t drawn me in and the story is complex and jumpy. Many times something is suddenly part of the story and then gone with no explaination. It seems to be there only temporarily to solve a plot problem, and that to me is annoying. The story struggles and lacks any clear path. There’s also too much going on, and the bits that aren’t important to the story just sort of clog it up. There needed to be some serious editing because I think there is a basic story hidden in there and I wish it had been better made clear. One last complaint, the saturated use of German and Christian terms is so misused that it is distracting. There doesn’t seem to be a sensible application.

Now after all of my complaining, what is good about the series is the art work. I prefer the dark and dramatic look, and 07-Ghost is loaded with them. A bit gothic, but Teito is too cute to really call it gothic. The linear dynamics are charged with energy and excitement. The proportions and overall look of the people (and creatures) are well done, and the clothes are used to increase the successful designed graphics look.

In this volume particular, there is an important revelation about the connection between Teito and Pandora’s box. Miss this and be lost.


4  panel comics and a bio page.

Overall Grade: C

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