Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero: the Complete Series (anime review)

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

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Title: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero: the Complete Series (anime review)

Director: Rion Kujo

Author: Tetsuto Uesu

U.S. Distributor: Funimation

Release Date: Dec 17, 2013

Format and Length: DVD/Blu-ray; 12 ep; 300 min

Genre: fantasy, romance

Industry Age Rating: TV MA

Overall Personal Rating: B+

Similar Series: Tenchi Muyo; Aquarion


Akatsuki Ousawa has just returned to the normal human realm after being bestowed the title of “Rogue Hero” in a realm called Alayzard. He saved the realm by defeating the Dark Lord there. The Dark Lord’s last request was that his daughter be taken care of by the one who should kill him. So Akatsuki brought Miu back with him to the human world. It seems that people being spirited away to this world is not an uncommon occurrence and that when and if they return, they have amazing magical abilities. Because of this, those who do return are immediately taken by the military to a training school to learn how to use their new abilities for their country’s military. However, Akatsuki and Miu throw the school’s faculty for a loop when Miu show’s that she already has a knowledge of magic combat and Akatsuki shows that he does not know magic, but instead practices what he calls “Linked Energy Manipulation.” Linked Energy Manipulation is basically the control of Chi in order to strengthen the body for either a solid defense or a devastating physical blow. Under the guise of brother and sister, Akatsuki and Miu begin to become acclimated to their new life at the military school. But just as the two are beginning to enjoy their situation, another powerful hero returns from Alayzard with two goals: to kill Akatsuki and bring Miu back to Alayzard for a public execution.



Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero surprised me. It is a very ecchi series filled with fanservice, and yet, unlike most ecchi series, it has a really interesting story with deep character development and an actual plot that is exciting to watch. I was even impressed with how they made a lot of the fanservice relatively relevant to the context of the situation. As relevant as fanservice can be anyways. Unfortunately, there were quite a few scenes that just felt like the nudity was there just because. Most of the just because nudity was just weird as well. I am not sure if it was mostly cultural difference between Japan and the United States, or if it was just the creator’s personal fetishes but some of the scenes that are supposed to be fanservice just come off as weird and a little bit creepy. For example, at one point Miu and two other girls end up trapped in storage closet. They all end up having to relieve themselves and because they are locked in, there is nowhere to do that. So they end up making a mess on the floor and all three of their reactions just look orgasmic.

One thing that I really liked about this series was that they made many references to other popular anime series. Akatsuki even makes an “over 9000” joke at one point.

Overall the plot was surprisingly well thought out and the story was very interesting and enjoyable. The fight scenes were fun to watch, especially the final conflict.


Overall Grade: B+

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero has a good story that is interesting and enjoyable to watch. However much of the fanservice is really strange and sometimes on the verge of creepy.

Other similar titles to check out might be Tenchi Muyo or Aquarion


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