Aquarion EVOL part 2 (anime review)

Aquarion EVOL part 2Title: Aquarion EVOL part 2 combo pack

Director: Shoji Kawamori

Written By: Mari Okada

Studio: Satelight , 8-bit

U. S. Distributor: FUNimation

U. S. Release Date:

Format: DVD / Blu-ray / 13 Episodes / 325 Minutes

Genre: Mecha, Romance, Sci Fi

Age Rating: TV 14

Overall Personal Rating: B-



The intergalactic hijinks continue as beings from a womanless planet target the girls of the newly coed Neo-DEAVA academy. Meanwhile, a mysterious villain’s plot slowly comes to light, Amata’s past is revealed, and Mikono finds herself in the middle of a really awkward threesome.

The hormone-fueled pilots will have to survive unusual training methods and swimsuit-filled secret missions in order to grow strong enough to kick some otherworldly tail, but as the boys and girls get closer to each other, they discover that destiny might not be on their side. Victory could require the legendary mecha Aquarion’s ultimate form – even if summoning it means breaking an intimate taboo.



A 12 thousand year story come to an end. Of course Aquarion EVOL isn’t just another love story it a tail of souls torn apart being reunited. This simple plot is give plenty of life in this fan serviced filled story. I have a feeling that if it were not for the sexual connotations that run through this epic story the plot would end up even flater than it is, but at the same time the fan service ends up getting in the way of a story that could have been much more than it is. As with the original Aquarion story there is a great deal of mystery and confusion that runs through the plot, but with EVOL the main character ends up being way to wimpy which makes the ending a lot less dramtic.

The animation of EVOL is great and serves the story well. In fact I would say it is the saving grace for the entire series. The slick look gives the series its real appeal. It is a classic look given a contemporary style that does not betray the essence of the story, rather it enhances it to the point that makes it watchable. With the writing leaving you dazed and confused it takes the visual power to keep you watching.

Overall Grade: B-

Aquarion EVOL is a series that possess a great deal of potential and also plenty of fun for the fan service crows. Unfortunately, it fails to completely deliver. The level of confusion and just out right complexity betrays it and almost sends the series to its death. The fun with sexual innuendos and the high quality of animation helps save the series from itself. If you are a fan of Aquarion then you will mostly be a fan of EVOL, but don’t expect it to be close to the same, just expect it to look good and manage to lose you from time to time.

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