Big News: New Sailor Moon Cast Revealed Kotono Mitsuishi returns as Usagi

For a certain generation of American anime fans, the original Sailor Moon, along withDragon Ball Z, was one of the entry points for getting into Japanese animation in the first place. For those fans, as well as the hundreds of thousands in Japan and elsewhere, news of a new series was met with delight but also trepidation about whether the new series could live up to the old.

This week at a live event held by niconico (formerly Nico Nico Douga), more information about the series was revealed, including the cast.

Kotono Mitsuishi : The Voice of Sailor Moon

For Japanese fans, at least one cast member ended up being a known quantity: Kotono Mitsuishi, who played Usagi/Sailor Moon in the original, is returning to the role. At the event, Mitsuishi acknowledged that some fans are worried about their favorite characters being recast, but asked the audience to cheer on the new cast and staff.

Aside from Mitsuishi, it’s all new faces. Sailor Mercury will be played by Hisako Kanemoto, who played Asuna in Children Who Chase Lost Voices. Sailor Mars is Rina Satou (Mikoto in Magical Indexand Railgun). Ami Koshimizu (Strike Witches’ Charlotte) will take the role of Sailor Jupiter. Rounding out the cast as Sailor Venus is Shizuka Itou, who played Hinagiku in Hayate the Combat Butler.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal will begin airing on niconico (with English subtitles) on July 5th.

New cast? Old cast? This might not mean a lot to Stateside fans who grew up watching the show on TV in English. American fans will get a chance to see the original English Sailor Mooncast reunite at Anime Expo this summer. But will they appear in the dub of the new series? You can bet that’ll be the question on everyone’s mind at the panel.

For old times’ sake, check the video below. Natsukashii.

Sources: ANNAnime Expo

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