Demon Love Spell 5 Manga Review

Demon Love Spell 5“The Radius”

Title: Demon Love Spell 5

Writer/ Artist: Mayu Shinjo

U. S. Distributor: Viz Media

U. S. Release Date: December 3, 2013

Format: Manga

Genre:   Supernatural Romance

Age Rating: T+

Overall Personal Rating: B+



Miko, the daughter of a priest,  lives at a shrine and is in training. It is questionable if she really has any supernatural ability. Unintentionally, she sealed an incubus demon named Kagura. He now lives at the shrine with her and her family, transforming between a small chibi form and sexy man who is always trying to get Miko to “go all the way”.

Now, they both have admitted they love each other, Miko and Kagura want to move out on their own. Her father surprisingly agrees but insists on talking to Kagura alone first. Oddly, Kagura can’t remember what happened. Nevertheless, they leave and the only apartment they can afford is haunted. In order to confront the demons, Kagura uses up his power and Miko does what she can to help him recharge.

Miko takes on jobs to earn money while Kagura gets stuck in chibi form due to lack of strength. A co-worker, Kanzaki, makes a pass at Miko. Kagura sees this and get jealous, while he is basically passed out on the sidewalk, a woman picks him up thinking he is a doll. When she and her sexy co-workers from a production company start to poke him, he perks up.

The company hires him and he quickly gains popularity. Everyone finds him extremely sexy. Things soon start to go wrong. Miku sees him with the other women and now that he is in the public eye, other people will realize he is a demon.



This is a fun manga for the shojo reader, I guess I specifically mean for women. In my opinion it is a lot more fun than a Harlequin Romance. True, I’ve only read one or two actual ones, but I have read one of the ones made into a manga. What makes Demon Love Spell  better is they don’t have to follow the rules of real life. When you have a priestess and an incubus demon, well, the set up is better for situations and some comedy. I prefer to call this a romance series, but it also has plenty of fan service as well (directed towards the female reader).

The story has a bit of repetition as Kagura tries to get Miko to have sex and there is always something stopping them before they can go all the way. What is moving forward is their relationship. Since they had already gotten past admitting they love each other, now the focus is on being a couple and making their way together in the world and all they mistakes that come with it.

I have differing views on the art work. Overall, I like the look, they way it is drawn strong and confident. What bothers me is when some of the body proportions were way off, some of it the elongated shojo guy look which I’ve seen in other manga, but sometimes it is random body parts. I do recommend paying attention to the back grounds, not because they are detailed, but more because they are stylized to support the characters and their emotions; subtle and well done.



A comedy sketch on what Kagura does in Miko’s dreams.


Overall Grade: B+

“In the Radius”:  Other titles by the author include Ai Ore! and Sensual Phrase.



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