Dengeki Daisy Vol. 13 manga review

Dengeki Daisy Vol. 13Title: Dengeki Daisy Vol. 13

Author: Kyousuke Motomi

Publisher: Viz Media/ Shojo Beat

American Release Date: Dec. 3rd, 2013

Format: Traditional Manga

Genre: Shojo, Drama

Publisher Age Rating: T+ (Older Teen)

Personal Review Rating: B-

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The past continues to haunt Teru and Kurosaki when they’re given a chance to find the mysterious “M’s Last Testament.” Unfortunately, their savage nemesis Akira has his eyes set on finding it too! Will Akira beat them to the punch? Or does Teru have something up her sleeve?

The key to “M’s Last Testament” means much to them then they originally though and with Akria making a move for it they discover something they didn’t expect and it turns their plans upside down. The key may be something very special and it may even mean more to Akria than to the group. Plus, is it possible that Antler was setting the group up to do exactly what he wanted? Is it time for them to rediscover what is important and what they really need to do? How might this affect Taru and Daisy’s relationship?


Ok, Dengeki Daisy is becoming more of a deceptive mystery than a love story and I must admit that I like it. With the reemergence of Akira and the twist that comes from the meeting between Taru and him thing are getting very interesting. That doesn’t mean that the love story between Taru and Daisy is forgotten, it still plays out a little in this volume and is used as a point of tension and drama with internal feelings being explored by Daisy. The story has not lost focus of the center of the plot, but it too has expanded the mystery that binds all of these people together. It also reenforces the age difference between Daisy, Taru and the others. With as much as Daisy and Taru have done you would think they would be viewed closer to equals and not children.

In fact that leads me to the weakness this volume that stands pout like s sore thumb. Too many of the twist and dramatic plot devices are discovered was too easily and it comes across as almost an after thought. There is also the way that the romantic tension between Daisy and Taru is continually played off as just another youthful distraction and something that is almost taboo that it is booming difficult to read the moments when they are alone and about to reaffirm their feeling toward each other. It feel like there is some deep thought given to the mystery, all too may of the most important aspects of the story are simply tossed out there so matter of faculty that they come across as unimportant.


Overall Grade: B-

Even though I like where this volume of Dengeki Daisy is taking us I still find too may weaknesses to really jump on board. I also feel like the love story is being dragged though the mud at this point. It is clear that they love each other so just make it so and move on with the real dramatic point of the story. Lets get to the mystery and figure out who is manipulating who and what the answers are. I like where things are headed with that aspect to the story and feel like there is an excellent opportunity to tell a lively and dramatic story. I just wish that it would stop coming together so easily and mater of faculty.

I am looking forward to the next volume and sincerely hope that things begin to feel a little more natural in the way that they come together.

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