Animeggroll had a free raffle this month. It all began with a donation of two Kawakon tickets by the family Aric, one of the original staff members of Kawakon. Then, AnimeSTL donated a 2015 custom game mat. To round things out, we added a pair of electronic cat ears. Thank you to everyone who participated. So, here are the winning nubers.

#1 Anime St Louis Game Mat    1858776

#2 Electronic Cat Ears                1858706

#3 Two Tickets to Kawakon       1858651

As a final note, since I have someone’s attention, on May 25th in honor of International Towel Day ( ), for anyone who donates a used towel in good condition or a roll of paper towels for a local animal shelter, they will receive 20% off any one item.


Original Post:

Animeggroll will be having a raffle starting January 23rd  and ending February 20th.

Here are the details:


Anyone may enter the raffle. Only one ticket per person for this raffle event. Consent from guardians must be obtained when necessary.


Enter to win one of 3 prizes.

1.Custom Anime St Louis Game Mat

2. Necomimi Electronic Cat Ears

3. Two badges to Kawakon 2015


No purchase necessary. Must give contact information (will not be used for any other purpose.


Starting January 23 and continues until February 20th at 9pm.

Winners will be notified February 21st.


Pick up your free ticket at Animeggroll.


1. Game mat was generously donated by AnimeSTL.

2. Because they are so awesome.

3. In memory of Aric Ferrell, a wonderful friend and original staff member for Kawakon, his parents have donated the badges.


Get a free raffle ticket in store and choose what prize you would like to try to win. No Purchase necessary.

We will need your contact information to notify winners.

Tickets are for weekend badges and do not include anything else. Please refer to Kawakon website for all details pertaining to badges and attendance. Badge winner must fill out badge registration form to qualify for them and it must be completed by 5pm on Feburary 22nd or prize will be forfeited.


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