Gundam Skirmish Play Dates

Gundam Skirmish is a table top role playing game, similar to Warhammer, in which players used 1/144 gundam models to play through various combat situations. Play is open to anyone and you are free to bring any 1/144 models or figures you want. If you let us know what models you intend to play with we can try to have a character sheet for that unit ready before the event, otherwise we can work with you to make the character sheet after you arive. There will be some units available for use if you do not have any you wish to bring.

Skirmish Dates are:

Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish – Free Play

Sept. 7th & 28th  4 to 8 PM

Oct.  5th & 26th 4 to 8 PM

Nov. 9th & 23rd 4 to 8 PM

Dec.  7th & 21st  4 to 8 PM

For more information on the game and the rule book:

Fore more helpful information:

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