Hayate the Combat Butler vol 23 (manga review)

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Title: Hayate the Combat Butler vol 23 (manga review)

Author: Kenjiro Hata

U.S. Distributor: Viz Media

Release Date: February 11, 2014

Format and Length: Manga; 186 pgs

Genre: action, comedy, romance

Industry Age Rating: T+ for Older Teen

Overall Personal Rating: B+

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Volume 23 picks up with Hinagiku trying to confess her feelings to Hayate. However, somehow the subject gets changed and they end up talking about another girl that Hayate is in love with, yet he thinks that the girl hates him for something he did a long time ago. Against her own judgement, Hinagiku encourages him to go talk to her and find out if she really does hate him or not.  The girl is Athena Tennos, the heir to the rich Tennos household.

Once Hayate arrives their, her butler greets him at the gate. Assuming that Hayate must have done something horrible to Athena, he immediately attacks Hayate. Hayate is easily overpowered, but once knocked unconscious, Athena orders her butler to bring him inside.

It turns out that Athena has ulterior motives for bringing Hayate inside. It seems she needs the Kings Jewel that he wears in order to acquire her inheritance. The problem is, however, that Hayate has promised his master that he would always protect the stone. When athena heard his refusal, her desparation to have the stone allows her sould to bind itself with a divine spirit. Hayate just barely escapes from her onslaught. When he returns to his group, and discusses what happened, it is revealed that he has an ultimatum. He can either give the Jewel to Athena to release her from the divine spirit, but that would also make Nagi lose all her own vast inheritance.



While reading Hayate the Combat Butler volume 23, it felt fun and interesting. However, once it was finished, I was left with the feeling that nothing had actually happened in the volume. Nothing changed between Hayate and Hinagiku, Nothing was accomplished when Hayate went to see Athena, and the volume ends with Hayate’s ultimatum. Nothing actually happened. Even so, there was a certain intensity that came with the unfinished fight with Athena and the impossible choice surrounding Hayate’s jewel. It gives a suspence that almost forces the reader to come back next volume just find out what Hayate will choose, and how they are going to solve the problem with Athena.

I do like the placement of the shopping scene at the end of the volume. It serves as a sort of relief from all the intensity that has been accruing throughout the entire volume. It is a calm, silly break, from the life changing choices that Hayate is being forced to make. But it does not let the reader completely off the hook. At the very end it cuts back to Hayate deep in thought, thinking “What should I do?” which immediately brings the reader’s mind back around to the suspense and intensity that will make them want to come back for the next volume to find out what is going to end up happening and what Hayate’s choice will be.


Overall Grade: B+

Even though this volume left the feeling that nothing actually happened, it was able to create enough suspense to create interest in what is going to happen in the next volume.


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