Holiday Gundam Special Giveaway

Starting Friday November 24th and running through Sunday December 24th Animeggroll will be giving away the following item with the purchase of Gundam merchandise.

When you purchase the follow amount on Gundam merchandise you will receive:

$75 = Mr. Easy Nippers

$125= Mr. Basic Nipper II

$175 = Gundam Marker Advanced Set

$225 = Mr. Basic Nipper II & Gundam Marker Advanced Set

$275 and above = easy Nipper + Basic Nipper II + Marker Advance Set + Mr. Mark Setter

You can save up your receipts to get to the magic number. Just remember, your receipts can only be used once.

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  1. Gunpla Dad

    Ah I just missed out! I got $225 in models for my Birthday last week, gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for the next promotion.

    Glad I nabbed the Beargguy F, my little girl loves it.

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