Kamigami no Asobi Anime Review

1Title: Kamigami no Asobi 

U.S. Release Date: 8/25/15

Format and Length: DVD/ 12  Episodes /300 Minutes

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Reverse Harem

Industry Age Rating: 14+

Overall Personal Rating: B

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Yui is a high school girl that lives with her family on the grounds of a shrine. One day she comes across a mysterious sword that transports her to a garden, which turns out to be created by Zeus. There has been a growing disconnect between the gods and humans Yui has been chosen to take on the challenge to teach several youthful gods (i.e. handsome guys) what is means to be human. If they fail to understand the hearts of people, they will face unfortunate consequences.

The place they find themselves is a school campus surrounded by a garden of sorts, and there is no way to leave with out completing their task. Even so, some of the gods are moody and surly, basically refusing to participate. But Zeus has chosen well, for Yui is a sweet, wonderful girl who is willing to put all her effort towards the goal. Her natural personality and capacity to care go a long way.

In the group there are Greek, Japanese and Norse gods with realms ranging from the underworld to light.  It is the gods themselves who cause the most problems, just as gods often do.


This is a reverse harem originally made from a visual novel game aimed towards a female audience. Generally I think that still holds true. It doesn’t hurt that they included fan service for women. There is a beach scene or two and other reasons for the guys to remove their shirts. Not to forget, there is plenty of dabbling into romance.

The cast of characters was nicely done, with Yui being at the center, she is very personable and quickly become likable. We can’t help but want her to succeed. Then you throw in a mix of guys without the constraints of human etiquette, add in their fully developed status of (self)importance and the story evolves from there.  Zeus may have set up the parameters of the situation, but it really is the life and experience of being a god, trying to bring that down to a human level that causes the conflict and need for teamwork.

The animation is medium to good, and visually the color use is well done. It seems much of the visual focus is on the design of the characters. It is cool to see how the elements of their lives and personalities are exhibited in their looks.

A nice anime with enough “human” interest to to draw in the viewers.

Overall Grade: B  A school based drama, but the table have turned, now that the gods must depend on a human girl to reach their goal.


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