Love Live! 2nd Season Anime Review

imageTitle: Love Live 2nd Season (Premium Edition)

Publisher: NIS America

Format: Blu-ray English language sub and/or dub, 2 disc, 13 episodes, art book and collector box.

U. S. Release Date: February 14, 2016

Genre: Comedy

Age Rating: 13+

Overall Personal Rating: B+


This contains spoilers if you have not seen the 1st season.

Now that the idol group Muse has saved Otonokizaka High School from the threat of closure because of its declining enrollment, the 9 girls have continued to focus on the Love Live competition in which high school singing groups vie for fist place in a nationally viewed show.

Even so, another looming event is on all of their minds. The girls in their third year will be graduating. Will Muse go on with out them? There are incoming students who would love to join. But they have to figure out if Muse is a group with revolving members or just something special that only exists as the current 9 members.


The focus of the series has changed, at first it was all a mission to save the school that they loved. That was the driving force for the Muse group. Now, secure in the school’s continuation, they are working together towards the concert, but it doesn’t have quite the same drive. They still try their best, but the directions of their lives seem to be shifting.

Things are going to have to change as the 3rd years leave and the new students arrive. Is their mission over, are they still necessary for the school. Personally, what does the group mean to each singer and how do they see the group in the future.

Second season is a bit more serious but still has it’s comedy. The girls have realized they must look to their futures. Also concentrated, is the theme about connections and friendships. All the girls came to the group by different places in their lives, with a variety of reasons but at this point, they all seem to be in the same place together. As they were gathered into the group, their different talents all melded together. As they work as a team and contemplate what is next in their lives, they all learn a lot about themselves. This leads to wonderful character growth which really is important to me.

I enjoyed the story telling of both seasons. It never felt forced. The flow and development rolled out nicely. I thought it was very interesting that singing at Love Live wasn’t the end. That we saw their lives further than expect, which really changed the tone of the anime, giving another layer of depth.

Visually, I like the look of this anime. It is has the bright saturated colors and cute, but not chibi, style.  I also like the details in the back ground. There is a lot going on that really sets the stage for the drama. There is sort of a upgraded realism.

This is a music themed story, and I think the stage performances were great. The music is the peppy pop that idols are known for, sung in a mix of cute to squeaky voices. The songs are sung in Japanese, which I glad they kept. J-pop translated in English never retains the energy and feel of the original.

I think a wide variety of people could enjoy this. I have already met both male and female viewers who enjoy the series. This is for the anime fan who likes comedy, or J-pop, or inspiring stories.

Overall Grade:B+  A great finish to an excellent series. It was fun and positive,

If you like Love Live!, I think Tamako’s Market or K-ON  would be ones to interest you.

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