Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls (anime review)

Title: Monster Musume Everyday Life With Monster Girls on Blu-ray

Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara

Studio: Lerche, Seva

U. S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks, Section 23

U. S. Release Date: July 25th, 2017

Format: Blu-ray / 12 Episodes plus OVA / 350 Minutes

Genre: Harem, Romance, Comedy, FAN SERVICE

Age Rating: TV MA

Overall Personal Rating: B


No one expected the government to suddenly acknowledge the existence of demi-human species like harpies and centaurs, but when a careless Integration Agent shows up on Kimihito Kurusu’s doorstep with an attractive Lamia in tow, he suddenly finds himself designated as a “Host Family”. This might not be so bad, except that while Miia’s top half is all girl and quickly develops a crush on her new human host, her snakelike bottom half makes that crush literal with a tendency to squeeze the life out of him! Plus, there’s also the little problem that it’s illegal for humans and non-humans to have THOSE kinds of relationships.


Well, well, well, I guess that there is no hiding it. Monster Musume exists because there will always be those adults that just love extreme fan service. I knew what I was getting into but wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but five minutes into Monster Musume I had my answer. There was not disappointment and clearly felt like it was going to live up to it’s own place in the Anime fandom. All I can really say is that they almost put an eye out with those (headlights).

At first I was not feeling the love for Monster Musume, but as the series passed I began to get the story for what it is and allowed myself to enjoy it for what it really is. I even got to the point that I asked my wife to sit and watch some of it with me. No I typically would never want to sit and watch a seriously boobalishus anime with my wife, but because of the over-the-top fan service I thought it would be appropriate to have her become part of this experience. To my surprise she saw the humor and irony built into the series and was taken over by the Monster Musume.

Overall Grade: B

By giving Monster Musume a B doesn’t mean that I feel like the series takes on some lofty meaning or raises itself above its base meaning. To the contrary, I find Monster Musume to be so true to itself that the story is secondary to the fan service. I know that there are fans that love this series and will say it is a great story. I just think they are trying to justify their attraction to Monster Musume for the eye popping boob fest that is the series.

If you are an adult who is looking for a sexy comedy that is not afraid to put those puppies out there front and center and are proud of the reality of its reason to exist then you need to see Monster Musume. If you aren’t sure but are curious then please be sure not to bring any pre-conceptions that there is a great story behind the series. It lives to provide eye candy and take every situation and turn it into a sexually charged situation.


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