More New and Re-Stock Stuff Just Arrived


Attack On Titan vols 3, 10 & 12

Attack onTitan: Before The Fall vol 1

Attack on Titan: Junior High vol 1

Bakuman vols 4 & 5

Battle Royale: Angel’s Border

Black Butler vol 1 & 2

Blue Exorcist 1, 2 & 7

Death Note vol 6

Doubt vol 1 & 2

0316245305Say I Love You vol 2

Soul Eater vol 1 & 2

ToraDora! vols 2 & 6


Harry Potter Satchel Wallet

Puella Modoka Magica Kyubey Back Pack

Soul Eater Maka & Soul Messanger Bag

Sailor Moon File Folder

Attack on Tital Playing Cards

Trading Figures:

4543112717115Blue Exorcist Half Age

One Piece Party Girls Half Age

One Piece Promise of the Straw Hat Half Age

One Piece Heroin Collection

Gundam Wing: Deathscythe Hell 1/100 Scale Model Kit (Endless Waltz)

4902425597676Gundam Wing: Heavy Arms 1/100 Scale Model Kit (Endless Waltz)

Gundam Wing: Wing Zero Custom 1/100 Scale Model Kit (Endless Waltz)


DVD / Blu-ray:

Yuru Yuri Season 2 Premiun Edition

Maoyu: Complete Series DVD


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