Music and More Just Arrived

New CD

Exit Tunes Vocalostar Featuring Hatsune Miku / Various [Import]

Vocalolegend Featuring Hatsune Miku / Various [Import]

Exit Tunes Presents Vocalonation / Various [Import]

Vocaloid Collection 2008-12 [Import]

Nana Best [Import]

Exit Tunes Guming from Megpoid / Various [Import]

Electric Love [Import]

Babymetal Live At Wembley Arena [Import]

Evangelion: The Birthday.. [Import]

Ouran Koko Host Club [Import]

Supercell [Import]

Mononoke Hime / O.S.T. [Import]

Babymetal Metal Resistance


Hatsune Miku Best: Memories / Various [Import]

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd Nonstop Mix Coll [Import]

Vocaloid Best from Nico Nico Douga / Various [Import

Other Stuff:

Emilia Re:Zero Plush Doll

Kono Subarashii Figure

Tokyo Ghoul DXF 6″ Figure

Yuri!!! on ICE Collection Figure Blind Box

Monster Hunter Blind Box Plus Vol. 8

Nendoroid Mega Man X: Full Armor

Nendoroid Keiji Akaashi

figma Archer (re-run)

other figures and items.

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