Natsume’s Book of Friends 15 Review

Natsume's Book of Friends 15“The Radius”

Title: Natsume’s Book of Friends volume 15

Writer/ Artist: Yuki Midorikawa

U. S. Distributor: Viz Media

U. S. Release Date: January 7, 2014

Format:  Manga

Genre: Supernatural Slice of Life

Age Rating: T

Overall Personal Rating: A-

There is always risks to getting involved.


Natsume gets drawn to a house where Natori is investigating the strange things happening. It is the home of his mentor, Mr. Takuma, who unfortunately can not see yokai any more. As they all work together to solve the situation, Natori hears a yokai asking Natsume about the Book of Friends. He is determined to figure out what it is. Natsume has been keeping this a secret, he is aware of its power and how dangerous it would be in the hands of an exorcist.

Natsume meets a pitiful little yokai who is trying to follow his old friend Lord Shuon, a yokai who is incredibly noble and powerful. Basically the little spirit is unworthy but never gives up hope and tries to do his best to get closer.

The last story of the book is about Shigeru and Toko, the couple who had taken him in to live at their home. It starts a bit earlier before the series and how Shigeru first heard about Natsume, and then their decision to invite him to become part of their family.


Natsume’s Book of Friends is one of my favorite manga series. I tend to like romances, but this has none at all. It is more a slice of life, but one that just happens to involve the spirit world. There is something interesting going on, but there is never any just because someone is doing something stupid, or causing problems just because they won’t speak up. The main character, Natsume, is written as a really wonderful ( and believable in context). He seems to be a gentle old soul, but has to work out how to live this life that has been thrust upon him.

Only the first story in this volume has the series moving forward. With Natori wanting to know about the book of friends, this can really change things between him and Natsume. Even though he basically seems like a nice guy, he has always held something back. There is no resolve on this point in volume 15, but it really set it up for something big later on.

This volume brings up a really interesting idea. What happens when someone can no longer see and communicate with yokai after it has been a part of their life for so long. Natsume’s childhood was made miserable because he could see them, and now as he is learning to deal with them and the troubles they often bring, would he be glad to be separated from their world?

As good as ever, even at book 15, the story and characters are still strong. That’s yet another reason to like Natsume’s Book of Friends.


Overall Grade: A-

“In the Radius”: 



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