New Arrivals 2.14.17


Button: Soul Eater – Death the Kid

Button: Soul Eater – Logo

Button: Soul Eater – Shinigami

Button: Soul Eater – Shinigami-sama Skulls

Necklace: FullMetal Alchemist – Cross of Flamel Red Dog Tag

Necklace: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Amestris State Alchemist

Patch: Nintendo – Level Up Potion

Pocket Watch: FullMetal Alchemist – Ed Replica Watch

Wristband: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – #TeamElric


Aron’s Absurd Armada Omnibus Vol. 2 (Manga)

Aron’s Absurd Armada Omnibus Vol. 3 (Manga)

Assassination Classroom Vol. 13 (Manga)

Assassination Classroom Vol. 14 (Manga)

Berserk Vol. 10 (Manga)

Black Jack Vol. 5 (Manga)

Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 1 (Manga)

Drifters Vol. 1 (Manga)

Drifters Vol. 2 (Manga)

FukuFuku: Kitten Tales Vol. 1 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 2 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 4 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 12 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 13 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 14 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 15 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 17 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 19 (Manga)

Gantz Vol. 34 (Manga)

Gente Vol. 2 (Manga)

Gunparade March: Last Dance Gunparade (Anthology) (Manga)

Haikyu!! Vol. 8 (Manga)

Kamisama Kiss Vol. 23 (Manga)

Monster Collection Vol. 1 (Manga)

My Little Monster Vol. 1 (Manga)

My Little Monster Vol. 2 (Manga)

Not Simple (Manga)

Once Upon a Glashima (Manga)

Princess Jellyfish Vol. 1 (Manga)

Princess Jellyfish Vol. 2 (Manga)

Spirited Away Vol. 1 (Manga)

Spirited Away Vol. 2 (Manga)



Black Butler: Grell Pop! Vinyl

Cowboy Bebop: Ed POP Vinyl

Cowboy Bebop: Faye POP Vinyl

Cowboy Bebop: Jet POP Vinyl

Cowboy Bebop: Spike POP Vinyl

Death Note: Final Scene Series Misa Amane Statue

Dragon Ball Z: Goku & Nimbus Pop! Vinyl

Fairy Tail: Natsu POP Vinyl

Naruto Shippuden: Kurama Kyubi 6” POP Vinyl

Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Uzumaki POP Vinyl

Nendoroid: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Maou Action Figure

One Piece: Brook 7” Zoukeio Figure

Samurai Girls: Keiji Maeda 1/8 Scale Figure

Soul Eater: Soul POP Vinyl Figure

Sword Art Online II: Kirito ALO Ver. Figma Action Figure

Vividred Operation: Vividblue 1/8 Scale Figure


Playing Cards: Vocaloid

Key Chains

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts – Fenrir Key Blade

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts – Keyblade Lea (Axel)

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts – Keyblade Oblivion

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts – Keyblade Sleeping Lion

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts – Keyblade Star Seeker

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts – Ultima Key Blade

Key Chain: Kingdom Hearts II – Sora’s Keyblade Metal

Key Chain: Soul Eater – Chibi Death the Kid

Key Chain: Soul Eater – Chibi Maka

Key Chain: Soul Eater – Logo Flashlight

Key Chain: Soul Eater – Metal Chibi Maka and Soul

Key Chain: Vampire Knight – Day/Knight Class Cross Logo and Title

Model Kits

Gundam Seed: Freedom & Meteor Unit 1/144 Scale Model Kit

Gundam Thunderbolt: Psycho Zaku Ver Ka MG 1/100 Scale Kit


Bakugan: 7 in 1 Multi-Function Stationary Ball(Pencil / Eraser /Measuring Tape / Magnify Glass / Mirror / Memo Clip / Stamp)

Wall Art

Wall Scroll: Silver Spoon – Group 2

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