Her e is a list of the items that have come in today. This list is only for information and not updated as an inventory. If you have any questions, our phone number is 314-543-3009.


2Fairy Tail Guild Crest Wallet

Tsundre Chikara  Fan

Yaoi Hissatsu Fan

“Free! Swim Club” Key Chain

Pop! Figures; Ciel, Grell, Sebastian, Eren Jaeger, Eren Titan form, Mikasa Ackerman, Colossal Titan, Len, Luka, Rin

Akatsuki Trading Figures

1Asuna and Kirito Keychains

Dramatical Murder Phone Charms


A Letter to Momo

3Cardcaptor Sakura 1

Castle in the Sky

Engaged to be Unidentified

Pom Poko

Sailor Moon Season 1 part 2

Space Brothers

Tiger and Bunny Movie 2 Rising


Alice in the Country of Joker 7

Antique Bakery 4

Black Butler 12,18,19

Cage of Eden 17

1Deadman Wonderland 1,2

Deva Zan

Dragonar Academy 5

Fairy Tail 3, 11, 38

2Food Wars 1

Gantz 34

I Am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland 3

Manga Dogs 3

Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary 1

3Not simple

Secret 1


Witchcraft Works 3


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