New Items Just Arrived 10.3.17

Here is a list of new items that just arrived:


Button: Cowboy Bebop – Edward 1.25”

Button: Cowboy Bebop – Ein

Button: Cowboy Bebop – Faye

Button: Cowboy Bebop – Spike

Button: Dragon Ball Z – Goku Blast 3”

Button: Fairy Tail – Happy

Button: Fairy Tail – Natsu & Happy 1.25”

Button: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Jonathan Yellow Stripes 1.25”

Button: KILL la KILL – Gatsu 1.25”

Button: Konosuba – SD Megumin 1.25”

Button: Magi The Labyrinth of Magic – Aladdin 1.25”

Patch: Fairy Tail – Erza w/ Sword

Patch: Fairy Tail – Happy w/ Fish

Patch: FullMetal Alchemist – Al

Patch: Gurren Lagann – Boota

Phone Charm: Fate/Stay Night – SD Saber Metal

Phone Charm: Fate/Stay Unlimited Blade Works – SD Archer Metal

Pins: Gurren Lagann – Boota

Pins: Haikyu!! – Daichi & Koshi

Pins: Haikyu!! – Shoyo & Ryunosuke

Pins: Haikyu!! – Tobin & Kei

Pins: Haikyu!! – Toru & Takanobi

Pins: Haikyu!! – Yu & Asahi

Pins: KILL la KILL – SD Mako

Pins: Sailor Moon – Luna

Pins: Seven Deadly Sins – Bank & Hawk

Pins: Seven Deadly Sins – King & Diane

Pins: Seven Deadly Sins – Meliodas & Boar Hat

Pocket Watch: FullMetal Alchemist – Ed Replica Watch (3. Oct. 10)


Art Book: Rage of Bahamut Official Art Works

Baccano! Novel Vol. 5: 2001 The Children of Bottle (HC)

Bungo Stray Dogs Vol. 4 (Manga)

Death Note (All-in-One Edition) (Manga)

Dragon Ball Super Vol. 1 (Manga)

Hatsune Miku: Bad End Night Vol. 1 (Manga)

Hatsune Miku: Bad End Night Vol. 2 (Manga)

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight Vol. 1 (Manga)

Plum Crazy! Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat Vol. 1 (Manga)

Plum Crazy! Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat Vol. 2 (Manga)

Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku – Mikubon (Manga)

Vocaloid: Rin-Chan Now! Vol. 2 (Manga)

Zelda Legendary Edition Vol. 1 (Manga) (Ocarina of Time Parts 1 & 2)

Zelda Legendary Edition Vol. 3 (Manga) (Majora’s Mask/A Link to the Past)


Death Note: Ryuk POP Vinyl Figure

Love Live!: Honoka Mini Figure w/ Smartphone Stand (Choco Sta)

Love Live!: Nico Yazawa Figure w/ Smartphone Stand (Choco Sta)

Sword Art Online: Asuna POP Vinyl Figure

Sword Art Online: Kirito POP Vinyl Figure

Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku Pop! VinylFigure

Key Chains

Key Chain: Fairy Tail – Carla Pocket Pop Vinyl

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