Next Gundam Build Competition April 7th, 2018

Gundam Build Competition

Animeggroll is proud to announce our April 7th,2018 Act Zaku build competition. Just like past competitions, competitors will will have 4 hours to build and customize a pre selected model kit. The kit for this build competition is new Origin  Act Zaku model kit. Each builder will be provided with a  Act Zaku at the time of the competition. 

As in other builds each competitor will be provided with a working space of 1.5 X 3 feet. Anything being used in the build must fit in that space. Judging for this build will be done by a independent group of judges. Each Judge will select their favorite build based on their own set of requirements. Each winner will awarded with a prize. The only restriction is no spray painting.

Date: Saturday April 7th, 2018

Entry Fee: $15.00

Start Time: 2:00 PM

Registration Open Date: Tue. March 6th, 2017

Registration Deadline: Thurs. April 5th, 2018

Number Builder Slots: 24

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  1. Juan Torres

    Hi… would there be a regular build jam on April? My kids wanted to know… thanks…..

    • andy

      There will not be a Build Jam in April. We do not have any build jams scheduled for the next few months. We may start up again some time this summer.

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