Playmat Shipment 10.25.18

Here is the list of Playmats we just received:

Kill la Kill Ryuko Playmat

Gurren Lagann Playmat – First Sky

Gurren Lagann Playmat 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion – A Moment of Happiness – Playmat

Fate/Stay night Wedding Dress Playmat

Esdeath Playmat – Akame Ga Kill

Fate/Stay night Rescuing Saber Playmat

Shuvi Playmat – No Game No Life Zero

The Great War Playmat – No Game No Life Zero

Monster Musume Playmat – Rachnera

Monster Musume Playmat – Miia & Mero

Monster Musume Playmat – Papi & Suu

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