Sakura Hime Volume 11 Manga Review

Sakura Hime 11Title: Sakura Hime Volume 11

Creator: Arina Tanemura

U. S. Distributor: Viz Media / Shonen Jump

U. S. Release Date: October 1, 2013

Format: Manga, 184 pages

Genre: Supernatural shojo

Age Rating: T for Teen

Overall Personal Rating: B



At the palace, Fujimurasaki is now the leader. He is out to get what he wants by any means. Shri seems to be playing on many sides, is he really serving anyone? There is a plan to destroy Enu’s group from within.

The secret relationship between Hayate and Rurijo is no longer a secret and the consequences are swift. Rurijo suffers the most as she is cast away and her own group turns their backs on her, causing her to turn to revenge against Sakura. A battle begins between the two buy things change very rapidly.

Kohaku still has a crush on Hayate, even though she knows how he feels about Rurijo. She realizes that she still is close to Sakura and, as a ninja, maybe that is enough. However, there are a lot of people competing for her attention.

Suddenly, Asagiri is kidnapped. An attempt to saver her requires switching places and pretending to be one another. They must find Enju because he is using Asagiri’s power to resurrect Princess Kaguya.



Wow, according to the author’s notes, this is the second to last volume. In a way it feels like it as the pace quickens and the art work stretches to greater heights.

I must say that the art work is as gorgeous as ever. It seems to me that there is a richer and bolder use of tones and patterns which I thought worked well and I enjoyed the look. The images of Rurijo are especially well done. They are somewhat complex images as she is transforming but I can’t explain too much because of spoilers. Although complex, they remain and elegant. My only minor complaint it the eyes. They are very expressive but the girls eyes are a bit over done on the size to a point of near distraction. The rest of the anatomy is well done and has a natural flow to them. The costuming, as always, is fabulous;  well detailed and drawn beautifully with graceful, flowing lines.

The story is moving fast and a lot happens.The final scenes in the book was a well told part of the story and it was well portrayed in the illustrations. It was complex with the trickery, surprise, sadness and bravery. I don’t think there is any hint to how the finale will play out, but it looks like we have to wait until February!

The author’s notes have a lot of information about the story which really helps to fill out the story and make things clearer. I actually think there would have been gaps in my understanding of the story if I hadn’t of read them. Also in the author’s notes, it tells about a recent sight seeing trip in Japan. I found it interesting and enjoyable, even with the comment on foreign tourists which was funny because it is true in more than one way.


Overall Grade: B

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