School Supply Drive for Coalition for Autism and Neurodiversity

Animeggroll is a drop off point for the Tools For School, the school supply drive for the Coalition for Autism and Neurodiversity. They recently had a name change and were previously known as the International Coalition for Autism and All Abilities.  When we were located inside Crestwood Mall, their location was across the hall from us. The supply drive is to support teachers in their efforts of educating children. The drive ends August 30th.
tools-for-schoolsTeachers’ Wish List 2014—2015
All Grade Levels:
Loose leaf paper (wide ruled, and college ruled)
Spiral notebooks (single and multiple subject)
Black and white bound journal/assignment books
Student Planners
Trapper Keeper binders
Pencil pouches that can be placed in binders
Pencils—no.2, sharpened
Erasers for pencils (large, pink & pencil top style)
Electric Pencil sharpeners for the classroom
Crayola crayons—washable, all kinds, all varieties
Crayola markers—washable, all color varieties
Black, blue, pink and purple sharpies
Quality ink pens—all colors
Highlighters—all colors
Wipes—baby wipes and sanitizing wipes, unscented
Dry erase markers, erasers, and boards
Glue bottles and glue sticks—washable, Elmer’s preferred
Scissors—multiple sizes, rounded and pointed tips
Hand sanitizers—all kinds, unscented preferred, large or small bottles
Stickers—for rewards
Computer games
Learning DVD’s (baby bumblebee, multiplication rap, etc.)
Post it notes
Note cards
Flash cards
Egg timers
Visual timers
Kinder Mats
Storage containers and pencil boxes
Educational posters—geography, history, science, and English/Spanish related
Gift cards for: Office Depot, Office max, Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s, Barnes and Noble, or other stores that sell school supplies, books.


Special Classroom Items for Kids with All Abilities

Squishy Gel Cushions
Break Box Sensory Tool Kit
Social Stories resources
Crash Mats
Speech support
Balance Balls
Swing a San chairs
Foam pits
Ball pits
Spooner Boards
Saucer and Wedge seat cushions
Hand Putty
Stress balls
IPads and Tablets
Smart Boards
For more ideas: Fun and Function
Oriental Trading:
Gift cards for: Happy Up, Once Upon a Toy, Fun and Function, Oriental Trading, Target, Costco, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Wal Mart, and Sam’s clubs.

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