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Nyaruko, Crawling with Love Season 2 Anime Review

Title: Nyaruko, Crawling with Love Season 2

1Director: Tsuyoshi Nagasawa

Original Story Author: Manta Aisora

U. S. Distributor: NIS America

U. S. Re-Release Date:

November 4 ,2014

Format:  2 Blu-ray disc / 12 Episodes / 288 minutes

Genre: comedy, romance, aliens

Age Rating: 16+

Overall Personal Rating: B


Mahiro, the average high school boy, just happens to live with 3 aliens; Nyanko, Kuko and Hatsuta (that look like regular Japanese students). The aliens are here to protect him and the earth, but they also spend plenty of time falling in love. Season 2 starts out with everyone settled into regular student life, as best as they can. You see, Nyanko is passionately in love with Mahiro to the point of annoying inappropriateness.

When Nyanko has to turn in a overdue library book at the very impressive interstellar library, the group gets involved in an altercation which leads them to battle a concocted beast. In a surprising turn, Hatsuta reveals another form as he and the girls team up like when they went to school together.

Nyanko continues her enthusiastic and perpetual quest to partner up with Mahiro, trying loads of overbearing techniques.  Hatsuta is also still after Mahiro, and Kuko still is after Nyanko although she seems to have a little extra interest which she directs Mahiro’s way. Even Shanta, the hippo/bat, seems to have a crush on someone.  Love potions anyone? Or is it even necessary with this group.

Things go topsey-turvey when Kuko’s very jealous cousin shows up to make good on Kuko’s promise as a little girl to marry her. Kuko doesn’t want to leave earth, her friends and Nyanko. So, a little deception is what they all use to stop the union.

Since they all attend school together, we can expect not everything will be normal. And our expectations are met as they have to battle creatures in the halls and find the being that controls them. Threats to Earth aren’t done yet as an alien intends to use the resources for its own gain.

As members of the Planetary Defense Agency,  Nyanko, Kuko and Hatsuta are really here on Earth to do a job. but not all jobs last forever. It soon maybe time to leave and how will Mahiro feel about that.



Nyanko stayed true to itself and got weird right away. Which is a good thing for this series, because that is what makes it funny (not the overly sexualized type of fanservice). Another fun thing about season 2 was the references to other media and pop culture, from obscure to obvious and many I surely missed. In the very beginning, the opening parodied  Bewitched, an American TV comedy from the 60’s which really surprised me. (With a little internet digging, the main actress was in Japanese commercials for Lotte Brand).

Full of comedy, from slap stick, to pop cultural and especially over the top “love” or “lust”.  Especially this season, that is why I see this mostly as a comedy, and it did seem the action was dialed way down. And the funniest shtick was the cyclone vacuum cleaner. The look and age of the characters, especially Hatsuta, make their sexual innuendos basically inappropriate, but maybe this is supposed to make it funny. You know, like when a little kid wiggles their hip like Elivs Presley, it so cute that it is funny.

The characters, especially the high school aged girls, are cute and sassy the whole time, perhaps not as cute when they are in battle mode. There is plenty of character development, comedy and possible scenarios for more seasons. Or there is manga and a game.

The look (I almost said “and feel” but that would totally play into Nyanko’s grab for Mahiro) of this anime is well defined and crafted. True, it is a style I like, but there is more. There is a good balance between the characters and the backgrounds. The artwork is consistent, colorful and utilizes plenty of techniques that are very expressive for comedy. This is one of those things that live action can’t compete with. I also think they did a nice job with the musical support, it really adds to the comic and dramatic scenes.

Who do I recommend this for? Ages 17 and up, male or female, who are looking for a quirky comedy with a little action to spice it up.

Extras: The premium box set has the accompanying book and it is an excellent addition. It is beautifully colored and has character sketches and bio information. Each episode has a synopsis and still shots.

Overall Grade: B There is a lot of awesome things going for Nyaruko,  but  its biggest mistake is relying too much on sexual-slapstick comedy, some of it got old really quick.