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Fairy Tail Part 11 Anime Review

1Title: Fairy Tail Part 11
U.S. Distributor: Funimation
U. S. Re-Release Date: July 15 2014
Format: DVD / Blu-ray combo pack
Genre: magical adventure
Age Rating: 14+
Overall Personal Rating: B+
When a mighty dragon attacks, Fairy Tail’s most powerful members go missing for seven years. Once they finally return, they find that much about the Fiore Kingdom – and their guildmates – has changed. With the guild’s headquarters and reputation in shambles, it’s up to Natsu and the others to get Fairy Tail back to its former glory by accepting any jobs that come their way – like being dancing guards at a fancy magic ball and taking on the infamous Butt Jiggle Gang.
Meanwhile, a mysterious girl appears with a strange item from Lucy’s father – a relic that a secret order of wizards will stop at nothing to obtain. Will this artifact ultimately prove to be Fairy Tail’s undoing?
Fairy Tail Part 11 falls on an interesting transitional point for the series, and has a unique array of episodes. This set ends the last story arc, has some weird comedic episodes, and begins the next story arc, which in and of itself isn’t different but there are a few notable aspects of how the story progresses.
The first few episodes of Fairy Tail Part 11 are about the end of the S class trials, followed by a seven year time skip. Both of those events are very impactful and hyper important plot points, and as a result there is a string of relatively sad episodes. While Fairy Tail has had emotional episodes before, these were some of the more melancholy, and I think that it is amazing that even though Fairy Tail is a high action fighting anime, it still has a more complex range of emotional content.
Despite there being some of the more touching moments of the series in Part 11, the episodes that stood out the most to me is as far from touching as could possibly be. This episode is burned in to my memory, for it is about a group of criminals known as the Butt Jiggle Gang. Just their name is cringe inducing, and the characters themselves are so much worse. After watching that episode I was quite dumbfounded, for I am not sure if that was the most disturbing episodes, or the most comedic due to the sheer absurdity of it.
Overall Personal Rating: B+
Fairy Tail Part 11 is a crazy roller coaster of emotions ranging from truly sad, to very intense, to I don’t even know what.