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Live-Action Attack on Titan Cast Revealed

aot-live-action-300x194news provided by Tokyopop

Life-sized Titan statues in Tokyo, an Avengers crossover, and now a reveal of the live-action cast in costume – let’s just say it’s been big month for Attack on Titan!

Before you judge the casting choices, live-action Attack on Titan producer Yoshihiro Sato explained that the production team didn’t concern themselves at all with whether or not the actors looked like their manga counterparts. Instead, after several talks with series creator Hajime Isayama, Sato “carried out casting on the basis of whether or not the actors could embody the spirit of Isayama’s originals.”

Still, fans shouldn’t have too much trouble telling who is supposed to be Eren or Mikasa, played by Haruma Miura and Kiko Mizuhara, respectively. Armin might be a little harder to recognize, but at least he has his signature bowl cut.


Other characters revealed are Jean, Hans, and Sasha. In addition to these six familiar heroes, seven new characters have also been announced. Isayama himself was involved with creating the new characters and constructing the film’s story alongside director Shinji Higuchi, which is described as a hybrid of existing ideas and new elements.

As with any adaptation, a few tweaks are expected to make the story fit its new format, and also to make things more accessible for viewers who aren’t already long-time fans of the franchise. One key difference: not all of the Survey Corps are making the series’ iconic twin swords their weapon of choice. Since everyone wears a nearly identical outfit, there’s a chance of first-time viewers getting confused as to who’s who, so the production team decided to make characters stand out by giving them all unique armaments, such as rocket launchers and battle axes.

Another key difference with the anime and manga: fan favorite Levi is nowhere to be found! Levi’s spot in the lineup seems to have instead been claimed by newcomer Shikishima, billed as humanity’s strongest warrior and played by Hiroki Hasegawa.

We’re not sure why Levi was left out of the live-action film, but we are excited to see the film anyway. What do you think of the casting choices?