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Mardock Scramble The Third Exhaust (anime review)

Mardock Scramble The Third ExhaustTitle: Mardock Scramble The Third Exhaust on Blu-ray

Director: Susumu Kudo

Writer: Tow Ubukata

Studio: GoHands

U. S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks / Section 23

U. S. Release Date: March 25th, 2014

Format: Blu-ray / Feature Film / 66 minutes

Genre: Cyberpunk, Sci Fi, Drama, Action, Adventure

Age Rating: MA

Overall Personal Rating: A


Rune Balot’s struggle to bring the man who killed her to justice continues amid the world of high-stakes gambling and glamour at the Eggnog Blue Casino. The odds are stacked heavily in the house’s favor, and even with the aid of Dr. Easter and Oeufcoque, a universal item capable of turning into anything and everything, Rune’s chances of winning are slim. But winning the golden chips containing Shell Septinos’ memories is only the next step on a long and treacherous road.

Run will still have to live long enough to bring those memories before the court, and even that isn’t the end of the journey. Rune’s search for answers to the questions that haunt comes to a shattering climax!


Finally we have the chance to see how the animated form of Tow Ubukata’s dark Sci Fi thriller Mardock Scramble. Coming to the anime after reading the 750 page novel several years ago brings plenty of expectations and desires, but in the end this anime managed to take on a life of its own without letting me down. This last installment and third film brought Rune Balot’s personality to full fruition and completed the connection between her and the AI weapon that is her partner, Oeufcoque.

As this story developed it brought together a look at humanity in both its darkest and lightest at the same time. There is also a very eastern approach to the dark side that allowed it to have a small but intense sense of honor and love. That does not say that most of the antagonist have something honorable, but there are one or two that bring some added baggage along with their external personas. The yin and yang within the characters adds so much death to the story it makes it all worth while.

Overall Grade: A

This final installment of the Mardock Scramble films does exactly what it needs to do. There is very little waist to the story and also develops a rather deep and enlightening interaction for Rune  that results in a very special aspect of the human condition. Mardock Scramble is something very special in the way it is constructed and executed. Tow Ubukata gives a look at ourselves in a raw and brutal way that goes straight to the core of our existence. I’m not sure that I can do justice to the fine story in this rather weak review, but if you have any interest in the underbelly of humanity and are looking for an honest approach to this genre that provides a hero, or should I say heroin who struggles with her own demons and hatred just to become stronger in order to defeat not just the person but ideals of that dark world. Then you should pick up these movies and enjoy each film. My only complaint is that it took so long to produce and distribute them. Now, I guess it is time to package them all together.

If you are looking for a real treat, be sure to read the novel and them watch the film. I think you will find the translation worth while and get a real treat in seeing for once a genuine translation that gives us two visions of the same story and succeed with both.

This is not for everyone and it doesn’t hold back when showing off the darker side of our species, but if you are looking for a insightful Cyberpunk story that says more than most in a way that leaves you thinking rather seriously about the world we live in and where we are headed, then Mardock Scramble is for you.