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RE: Hamatora Season 2

RE: Hamatora Season 2Title: RE:Hamatora season 2

Directed by: Seiji Kishi & Hiroshi Kimura

Written by: Tōko Machida & Jun Kumagai

Music by: Makoto Yoshimori

Studio: NAZ

U. S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks, Section 23

U. S. Release Date: January 26th, 2016

Format: Blu-ray / 12 episodes / 300 Minutes

Genre: Drama, Sci Fi, Mystery, Supernatural

Age Rating: TV MA

Overall Personal Rating: A-


Having the incredible powers that come with being a Minimum Holder can be a huge advantage to a private detective firm like Hamatora, but how can anyone stop someone who can both come back from the dead AND steal your powers at the same time?

That’s the problem that now confronts Murasaki and Hajime, and it’s made even more vexing by the fact that the team’s founder, Nice, may be dead as well. But while it may or may not have been Nice, Art is definitely killing himself for more than just Art’s sake and his goal seems to be to gather as many stolen powers as he can in order to rival Nice’s ability.

However, the strength of a power isn’t all that matters, and a lesser ability can triumph over a greater one if used correctly. It’s Rock – Paper-Scissors but with super powers as Minimum Holder takes on Minimum Holder in RE: Hamatora!


Season 2 of Hamatora does something that every anime should do, tell a great story and give the fans a thrilling plot and solid ending. Season 1 set the plot up and season knocked it down. I thought I understood the characters from their solid development in the first 12 episodes, but that was nothing compared to what was provided in season 2. Honestly it has been a long time since I have come across a series that does this. Mt first thought was Darker Than Black and the complexity of those characters. Although, Darker Than Black was better written and gave us some very memorable individuals. In Hamatora there are plenty of great characters, it isn’t until the end that they become something more than entertaining.

Just as season 1 was quick and dramatic season 2 of Hamatora is a little slower and much more intriguing. Much of the first 5 to 6 episodes I was trying to understand what was really going on and it wasn’t until I got to the last 3 that everything began to come into focus. That is ideal in a dramatic series like Hamatora, but there a few moments that I was ready to step away just be drawn back in. I didn’t get that momentary doubt in season one.

Overall Grade: A-

RE: Hamatora just might prove to be a long lasting series. I just hope anime fans get the opportunity to see it. I have discovered over the last few years that all to many solid series get lost in  the hype and flash of the other super star shows that blast onto the scene. I miss the days where series are discovered and become a small wild fire through the fandom. Now-a-days it seems as if the ones that get the most advertising and hype get the all too much attention. Where there are many great series that get left on the self. I get people asking me about great series and I through out some names and more often than not I get blank expressions then something like “what do you think about Attack On Titan?”. I just smile.

Hamatora has it all and then a little more. If it would not have lost focus early on in season 2 I think it would have been a home run. If you are looking for a true drama that ends up being kinder and gentler than you might expect then you really need to check this series out.

Hamatora The Animation season 1 (anime review)

Hamatora-the-Animation-Season-1Title: Hamatora the Animation season 1

Directed by: Seiji Kishi & Hiroshi Kimura

Written by: Tōko Machida & Jun Kumagai

Music by: Makoto Yoshimori

Studio: NAZ

U. S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks, Section 23

U. S. Release Date: September 22, 2015

Format: Blu-ray / 12 episodes / 300 Minutes

Genre: Drama, Sci Fi, Mystery, Supernatural

Age Rating: TV 14

Overall Personal Rating: A-


Nowhere may seem like just another Yokohama cafe, but as with many of its employees, this apparently innocent eatery leads a double life. Because Nowhere is also where you can find Hamatora, the mysterious detective agency run by P.I.s who are also M.H.s. That’s M.H. as in Minimum Holders, individuals gifted with extraordinary powers and abilities.

For the right price, you can hire founder Nice, who moves at the speed of sound, and partner Murasaki, whose super strength and near invulnerability are a significant asset. Of course, with incredible talents like these up their sleeves, Nice may not decide to take a case unless it personally interests him. But when a series of serial murders all turn out to involve other Minimum Holders, that interest is about to become extremely personal. Something monstrous is going on, and Minimum Holders as a class may be targeted for extinction!


Hamatora opens in a manor that made me feel like I was getting to see another series just like Penguin Drum and Persona 4 blended together, but it quickly made a detour that gave it a life of its own. As soon as it settled into its own skin I knew that it was something a more than a quirky blend of top series. I’m not sure if Hamatora is paying homage to some of the biggest new series or if it is taking the simple understanding and creating something a little different.

As the series progresses it manages to truly take on its own life and that is when it manages to move out of the shadows and stand in the sun with its head held high. The slow development of the characters adds to the overall feel and gives us a even greater reason to like them as we discover what is really going on.

Overall Grade: A-

Hamatora the Animation season 1 should find a large fan base and if it doesn’t I will begin to doubt the american anime scene. Of course it is more complex than it looks and it requires some work as a viewer to pay attention to what is going on.

The only real drawback for me is the animation. I found it to be a little too hip and colorful for a series that has such a dark edge. That also lends itself to some of the ques it picked up from other series. The atmosphere change when someone uses their power is a little tiresome and almost too cliche’, but I can understand why it is there.

Hamatora has to be one of the more inventive new series to be release in the states so far this year. I highly recommend it to the anime fan that love action packed series that have solid mysteries and a full array of characters that have plenty of great personalities and manage to keep you coming back for more.

I am looking forward to the second season. So Sentai bring it on.





Devil Survivor 2: The Animation (anime review)

review by Luther

Title: Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

Devil Survivor 2: The AnimationDirectors: Seiji Kishi

Writer: Makoto Uezu

Studio: Bridge

U. S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks / Section 23

U. S. Release Date: July, 1, 2014

Format: DVD /13 Episodes/ 325 minutes

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Age Rating: TV MA


Overall Personal Rating: B+


When Japan is driven to the brink of despair by mysterious invaders called Septentriones, humanity fights back using Devil Summoners, 13 people of great distinction who have made pacts with daemons and been given the power to fight! This is the story where comrades’ death can be foretold, where mankind has been placed in the harshest of situations, a story of conflict and choices. Will they be able to survive the countdown to Armageddon?! Their choices will decide the future in Devil Survivor 2 THE ANIMATION!


The first thing to note about Devil Survivor 2 is that there is no Devil Survivor 1 anime. Devil Survivor 2 is based off the Nintendo DS game Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, and is a self-contained story that is not a continuation of the first Devil Survivor game. That said, when I started watching Devil Survivor 2: The Animation I wanted to compare it to the game, however games and anime are two very different mediums. In the game, as the player, you have different dialogue choices and gameplay options that affect how the story progresses, compared to the anime which is a set story. So at first my opinion of the anime wasn’t quite as good as it could have been because I preferred game, but when I got adjusted to the anime, I did enjoy it.
Another reason I didn’t like Devil Survivor 2 at first is the main protagonist, Hibiki. Shortly after the anime started, Hibiki became your typical whiny anime protagonist, which is one of my least favorite character archetypes. Fortunately as the anime progressed, Hibiki’s personality evened out, and he became a much more likable character.

In general, I thought that Devil Survivor 2 was a well put together anime. Thirteen episode series can often feel rushed or incomplete, but I think all the time in Devil Survivor 2 was well used and very little of it was wasted. As a result, the story was deep and interesting and despite the fact that there are 13 main characters, most of them felt whole and rounded.

There is one little thing to note about Devil Survivor 2, and that is its packaging. Although packaging isn’t typically noteworthy, I quite like the box art for this anime. The box has a holofoil cover, thus is very shiny, and with its spiral pattern, it’s almost hypnotic. I will admit that due to its shiny nature, reading the words on the box is not easy, but ultimately I found the box to be really cool, and eye-catching.

Overall Grade: B+

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation is a quick and enjoyable watch, with interesting characters and a compelling story. If you have played the Devil Survivor 2 game, then you may not like anime as much, but if you’re unfamiliar with both then I would recommend watching the anime first.