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Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood (anime review)

review provided by Andrew & Katie

Title: Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood on Blu-ray

Director: Risako Yoshida

Studio: Zexcs

Author: Hiroko Kusanagi

U.S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks, Section 23

U.S. Release Date: March 28, 2017

Format and Length: Blu-ray / 12 Episodes / 180 Minutes

Genre: Reverse Harem, School Life, Supernatural, Shoujo, Vampire

Industry Age Rating: 17 and up

Overall Personal Rating: D

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As the sole human living alone with six handsome vampires, beautiful young Yui Komori is slowly becoming used to being the constant focus of all of their attentions, both amorous and otherwise. However, if she was feeling pale and weak before, her ordeal is about to become even more emotionally draining as four new vampire brothers appear with the intention of making Yui their own permanent dinner guest.
Who are the Mukami brothers, and why are they so dead set on keeping Yui for themselves? Why do they keep referring to her as “Eve” and whose master plan are they following? How will the original six Sakamaki brothers react to having Yui stolen out of their clutches? Will the Sakamaki brothers get her back or will the Mukami brothers follow through with their master plan? You will have to watch Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood and find out.


I feel as if I need to add a few warnings to this series before I go any further: 1. Yui is treated like a blood bag and is not just bitten on the neck. 2. There is a religious theme to this season and that might turn you off of the series if that bothers you. 3. This has to be one of the worse reverse harem series I have ever watched.*

Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood is the second season of Diabolik Lovers and honestly I cannot be more disappointed in the entire series. There are more plot holes than swiss cheese and just when you think they are actually going to explain what is going on, they end the series with the biggest cliff hanger ever! They rely heavily on the Adam and Eve story and you spend most of the series trying to figure out who is Adam and then they never say anything about it again.

Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood has little to no character development and most of the characters are poorly designed with weak personalities that make the characters unlikable. The relationships between Yui and the brothers are terrible to say the least. They treat her like furniture and never have anything nice to say to her at all. I was really hoping that Yui would grow a backbone and tell the brothers off, but of course she cannot do that as their blood bag.

The animation was dark and tried to be gothic but did not get there. Since Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood is about vampires they really do not go out during the day and attend school at night. There really is not any change in the animation between the manor and the school. The voice actors did alright, nothing really stood out but I really did not expect anything to. The opening animation fit the general theme well and was enjoyable to listen to. The ending was nothing special but one out of two is not a bad deal.


Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood includes both clean opening and closing animations and Sentai Filmworks trailers as special features. This series was released with both English and Japanese with English subtitles as language options.

Overall Grade: D

Diabolik Lovers II: More Blood seems like it is geared more to the ecchi vampire crowd. The entire series is just about sucking tasty blood from a human. Not my thing.

Hellsing Ultimate Volume Three (anime review)

Hellsing Ultimate 3review provided by Katie and Andrew

Title: Hellsing Ultimate Volume Three

Director: Kenichi Suzuki and Yasuhiro Matsumura

Studio: Graphinica

Author: Hideyuki Kurata

U.S. Distributor: Funimation Entertainment

U.S. Release Date: October 28, 2014

Format and Length: DVD/Blu-ray Combo / Two Episodes / 112 Minutes

Genre: Action,  Vampire, Supernatural, Military

Industry Age Rating: 17 and up

Overall Personal Rating: A-

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The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.


The bloodbath to end all bloodbaths reaches its harrowing end. Alucard awakens with his thirst for vengeance stronger than ever before. He is the bloodthirsty monster who will unleash every heinous trick in his deadly repertoire while baring his sharp fangs at an army of snarling Nazi werewolves. As Alucard absorbs every drop of blood in sight, everyone involved will begin to realize that the ultimate slaughter might be too much to handle for even the deadliest of demonic slayers.


Finally after almost two years, we are able to reach the conclusion of the wonderful and amazing Hellsing Ultimate series! And what a bloody gore-fest it is. Alucard and Seras Victoria are in for the fight of their undead lives and who knows if both will survive the final battle. Episode Nine picks right up from where episode eight left off and it just goes on from there. The music is still the same gothic music for the opening and closing animations but they also added in some awesome German music that really sets the mood for the Nazi scenes. Seras Victoria really shows her vampire side in these two episodes and also seems to have grown as a character. Sir Integra Hellsing really proves that she knows what she is doing as she is also going around killing vampires and defending herself. I guess you could say that her father made to right choice by choosing her to run the family business. Alucard, of course, is kicking butt and taking names as he always does. The animation was well done and the English voice acting was superb as usual for this series. There is not much more I can say without giving away spoilers.


Hellsing Ultimate: Volume Three includes episode interview sessions, episode commentary, R.I.P. In Memoriam, U.S. Trailer, and Funimation Entertainment trailers as special features. A quick warning though, the R.I.P. In Memoriam contains many spoilers so do not watch it until after you have watched the entire series. This series was released with both English and Japanese with English subtitles as language options. I recommend the English language option as Crispin Freeman makes an awesome Alucard.

Overall Grade: A-

Hellsing Ultimate volume 3 is a very gory and bloody anime series. But, it is also a well-done series about vampires and shows how true vampires act.