Tamako love story Anime Review

Title: Tamako love story

U. S. Distributor: Sentai Filmworks

U. S. Release Date: 9/12/17

Format: Blu-ray / Movie/ 85  Minutes

Audio: Japanese or English

Genre: Comedy,  high school romance

Age Rating: TV 14

Overall Personal Rating: A


It’s their senior year, and it is a season of change. Before it is too late, Mochizo wants to let Tamako know how he feels. But, fear of ruining the friendship he already has, defaulting to just being awkward seems to be the course of things. He should have seen the power of a jealous friend looming on the sidelines.

Mochizo’s family runs a mochi shop in the Usagiyama shopping district. They live above their shop, and directly across the street from his bedroom window is Tamako’s bedroom window. She lives with her family at their shop which also sells mochi. The two friends have grown up side by side their whole lives. Tamako had assumed she would work in the family shop and the Market area would stay the same…

“The bitterness of regret is proof you at least tried something.”


Tamako love story is a wonderfully sweet portrayal of friendship, transition and love. It takes place after the Tamako’s Market series but it isn’t necessary to have seen the show to enjoy the movie. If you did, there are some character backgrounds that give more depth to the people, and it would explain some “whys”, especially the quick flash to the tropical island with the talking bird. Just ignore that part, it doesn’t fit with the movie, but it was important to the series so I understand the desire to give it a cameo. This movie is lovely compliment to the series, and it really treated the characters beautifully.

As the series begins, there is an emphasis on the time for things to change, to take note and make memories now. For Tamako, most of this hadn’t occurred to her. She loves things, especially mochi, just the way they are. She doesn’t see the need for change- her dreams are all around her, but the others around her are talking about the end of high school and what is next. Mochizo feels the pull to pursue his dreams that are out there but is reluctant to leave what he had behind. Can he move forward and preserve the past? Regret taking a chance or regret not doing anything at all?

This anime had lots of good things going for it. I love this look of this animation style. The backgrounds were beautifully done and nicely detailed. The color saturation and choices was artfully done. The characters were well styled and expressed their personalities. There was a creative way of illustrating non visual things like time or feelings that adds a nice level to the movie. The story and pacing flowed well. The movement in the animation had a realistic yet enhanced movement, which is always a plus.

Overall Grade: A

Just over an hour an a half, Tamako love story was a really pleasant way to spend that time.

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