Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Anime Review

Title: Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
U.S. Release Date: 4/18/17
Format and Length: Blu-ray or DVD /12 Episodes
Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy- drama/comedy
Industry Age Rating: 17+
Overall Personal Rating: C
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The old brutal Kingdom of Arcadia has fallen during a civil war and in its place is the New Empire Atismata, led by a group of nobles. One of the forces protecting the county are the Drag-Ride Knights, a force that pilots flying mech. They train at the Royal Knight Academy, an all female school since they have the inherent ability to pilot the Drag-Rides. Suddenly, Lux, a former prince of the old government, literally falls through the roof into a compromising situation.

Although he is actually considered a criminal, what to do in a situation like that? Have him arrested? This is anime after all, so he becomes a student to pilot a Drag-Ride for which he is already highly skilled (luckily they had a male suit). And, this instantly becomes a harem anime. School being school, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of studying, but plenty of reasons to suit up in the Drag-Rides, which are the armored suits that serve as extensions of the pilot.

The new government has some manipulative behaviors and on top of that, there are dark forces and plenty of people wanting to use them either for power or revenge. There is hope with the Black Hero who is divinely powerful and benevelent. He is said to have help spared many lives during the war. Another mystery is the Ruins, what they conceal and how to find a way to unlock the way inside the inner space. Finally, what evils lurk in the people who are standing next to you, no matter what they look like.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle doesn’t seen to exist in its own cohesive universe. Lux is the main character and is surrounded by a typical harem of the typical, all girls’ school students. Speaking of typical, to me, that is what the story is stitched together with. Perhaps tested and true, story themes and elements that are classic or cliche’. So, where it seems to head off the path is that there is too many story ideas and things dropped in together. Sort of a tossed salad instead of a well blended smoothie. Pick a bunch of well known elements like mech and fighting,  magic, the accidental harems, kingdoms, festivals, androids, evil brothers, mystical runes, giant beasts to reawaken, gender swap, creepy goth girl, etc. …. mix them all together and tuck in a few more that didn’t quite fit (air floating whale for example), even whole scenes that totally don’t seem to fit (an out of place violent jail scene that was too intense to make sense with the rest of the series).

And still in line with typical, well, the usual kind of stuff to fuel the fan service fire. Like, whoops, the room Lux hides in to avoid everyone just happens to be the changing room. Or when he falls, he lands on top of a busty young lady. Then there are the clothes. The school uniforms for the girls have corsets that push up under their breasts then very short jackets so that their breasts (covered by their shirts) hang out beneath.  Hmm, they only guy has a vest and a long jacket. And, enough of a person being all worried about perverts but running around in skimpy clothes. It’s not funny anymore, if ever.

There seems to be a reason to get out the Drag-Rides in nearly every episode, even to settle school disputes. The school duels usually go awry because some bad guy or monster usually shows up and gets involved. The battles are half exciting and half stupid. Too harsh? Well there is a lot of odd delays and just hanging around in the air. The actually engagements are often lack luster, in fact, it is so annoying to see a battle that is supposed to be epic and the whole stadium of people are in danger, but students just stand around making commentary instead of helping or just plain getting out of the way. Even when Lux was being crushed, the other Drag Knights just hung  in the air and didn’t do anything. But, when they do get around to it, the special battle effects are pretty cool. And I did like the split screen where the battle and close ups were seen at the same time on screen.

One final annoying complaint. The completely unrealistic, although maybe rooted in wishful thinking for some, is the overly busty, totally cute teen who is innocent and childlike, who through her ignorance comes across as very sexual and does things like wear skimpy clothes and craws into bed with a guy only to fall blissfully asleep with her boobs squished up against him.

Time for me to mention what makes the anime worth viewing. After all, I did watch every bit of it. Best of all, there is beautiful, dramatic colors, with quality line, design and backgrounds. I do like the art work and style. The mechs are visually interesting in battle, they are like flying extension suits, the characters aren’t inside the mechs, but rather wear them. You can see the pilot and the machines sort of extend their arms and legs.They move and the suit mimics that movement. The music really adds to the dramatic effect, sometimes more than the actions. This anime was only in English as subtitled .

Overall Grade:  C     It was a good brain work out trying to figure out what was going on with all the jumps and plot holes, but, rereading the fan service paragraph I wrote, by trying to understand the story, I think  the point of the series was lost on me and I was not the intended audience. So, if you are looking for some comedic fan service and some actions, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle could be fun and enjoyable.

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