Used Items In

Here is a list of used items that have come in. This list is only for information and not updated as an inventory.


Chaos Head

Cowboy Bebop Remix 1-4

Dusk Maiden

Ghost Hunt

Shattered Angels


Ai Yori Aoshi Seasons 1 and 2

Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Disc 1

Monster Rancher

Steam Boy

Naruto  Uncut Box Set 1


10 Billion Needles 1-4

A.I. Love You 1-3image

Ai Youri Aoshi 4

After School Nightmare 3

Buso Renkin 6

Calling You

Chrono Code 1

Crying Freeman

Dance till Tomorrow 1-3,5,6,7

Death Note (Novel) Another Note

Death Note (Novel) L Chang the World

Dogs 1

Excel Saga 23

Fruits Basket 1,2

Gothic Sports 1-3

Gravitation 1-6

Hunter X Hunter 27

Is 1

Kanju de Manga 1

Kamikaze 1,2

Koi Cupid 1

Lament of the Lamb

Legend of Kamui 1,2

Love Hina 1,2

Magic Knight Rayearth 4-6

Martin and John 1

Maximum Ride 2

Me and My Brothers 1-6

Moon Boy 1,3,5

Moon Phase 1

Nabari No Ou 1

Naruto Japanese Language

Neon Genesis Evangelion  1, 3-7

New Vampire Miyu 1,4,5

Pita 10  1-8

Silent Mobius 1,3


Steam Detectives  2-5

The Story of Ibis (Novel)

Strain 1-5

The Tale of Genji (Novel)

Under the Glass Moon1

Vampire Hunter D (Novels) 1-4

Vampire Princess Miyu 2,4,5

Video Girl Ai 1-7


Voyeurs, Inc 1-3

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