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Animeggroll is an anime themed store in the St Louis Area.  We are family owned and operated. The first store was opened at Crestwood Court Mall in October of 2010 on Watson Road in Crestwood (St. Louis County, Missouri). When the mall was closing, we moved south across Watson to the Crestview Plaza with Aldi’s and the Red Cross for 4 years. In April of 2016 we moved to Chesterfield Mall. In June 2017 we moved down into the Chesterfield Valley into the Chesterfield Outlet. We are in space 152. We  carry new and used items for a greater variety. Some of the items we carry include anime (Blu-ray, DVD, VHS and Laser Disc), manga, wall scrolls, T-shirts, key chains, necklaces, mugs, figures, necklaces, bags, buttons, pins, bento supplies and costume pieces.

As of October 5th, 2016 Animeggroll will only be taking video games with an anime theme or connection for trade-in. We are looking to better utilize our store for anime products.




Japanese Erasers




File Folders


Wall Scrolls


Vintage Video Games


Vintage Video Games




Yamoto model


Key Chains


Messenger Bags






Bento Boxes


Bento Supplies


View from the door


The store


collector box sets




Playing Cards


Plush, buttons, key chains, necklaces, etc.


Plush, buttons, key chains, necklaces, etc.

IMG_20130926_160406 IMG_20130926_160413 Dragon Balls

Comments (18)

  1. deborah schlitt

    looking forward to going to your store

  2. Rachel Ruth

    You guys have some really sweet stuff. Keep an eye out for this fangirl!! XD

  3. Christopher Satkowski

    I loved your store and your amazing customer service. I really appreciated the time you took to help me find the right manga for my wife. The toys and television in the back were perfect for entertaining my four year old daughter. I’m looking forward to coming in again. Thank you and sorry for staying past your closing time.

  4. bob tiemann

    very nice store. nice people running it. i like the fact that they have gotten in some vhs i didn’t know were around. my sone like the games, especially the older ones.

  5. Jenna weber

    Looking forward to coming! In st. Charels we don’t have ANY stores like this one!

  6. Church

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    After I get a car, i’m going to save up sooooo much and spend it all here @.@

  7. Nalu

    I wish i could have it all cuz im a juge fan if Fairy Tail so its a relief to see something that has what im looking for

  8. Anna and Zach

    We are so happy to have found this store. It is run by really nice people and every visit is worthwhile. They definitely meet the needs for a nerdy couple like us!
    (Plus the restaurant, Zen, next door is delicious!)
    We will continue to stop in regularly!

  9. John Shook

    this place has such diversity and the inventory is so vast compared to everywhere else i have been.
    i’m totes come’n back for more.

  10. Tommy Nauman

    Do you guys still have celebrations every year on the store’s anniversary? I remember going to a few and them being fun.

  11. Juan Torres

    We went for the first time on December 2017 without knowing anything about Gundam except the cartoons from back on the 90’s… we love the store. The staff was very friendly and very good with us… they took their time in explaining us about the model kits, their differences, sizes, etc…. In short, WE LOVE THE EXPERIENCE and have returned a couple of times since…. Keep up the good work!!!!

  12. Juan Torres

    My son and I went to his first-ever Build Jam on 02/17/18. He had a great time building his M1 Astray. THANK YOU all at the store for your support, to the friends that we made there. As usual, Andy was amazing by explaining and showing ‘how to’ and products. My son asked a lot of questions and nobody complain about it, which made him very very happy. Thanks to the other person(sorry, don’t remember the name, he worked at the store and had a camouflage jacket) for letting my son use the metallic markers, he loved painting the swords and weapons of his M1 Astray. My other son had a great time watching the movies.

    In short, WE HAD A BLAST!!!! My sons and I are already looking forward for the next BJ on March 17, 2018.

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    Mr. Torres and sons….

  13. Jason k

    Been coming to this store for about 4 months i think. Love the place they have an awesome selection of manga and anime as well as gundam and assorted figured. They are super friendly every time i go in there would recommend to anyone

  14. Justin Brolaski

    Hello. I know i haven’t been to your store for about a year now. I really missed seeing you all and i hope everything is going well for all of you. I am aware covid is still around and thought i ask if Weiss tournaments or any events are going on still or maybe there’s another way to have Weiss tournaments to continue to keep everyone distant from each other till it has finally calmed down. I still like to come visit when i’m able to but i thought i ask.

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