Buying/Selling/Trade Information

Week days are the best time to bring items in because weekends are busy at the store. Making an appointment before showing up is greatly appreciated.

Selling your items:

We offer both cash and in store credit. For cash, we offer 20% of what we would sell the item for, and store credit is 30% of what we would sell it for.

Items need to be clean and in reasonable condition.

All electronic items must be in working order.

For most items, including manga and anime, we no longer offer consignment.

We will not accept items that have not been properly licenced.

Comments (6)

  1. Mariel Restemayer

    I have an used h game would you be able to buy it?

  2. Ramon Castillo

    Are you selling Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (English Dub)?

  3. Leyni

    Do you deliver/ship manga?

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