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Used Items In

imageHere is a list of used items that have come in. This is for information only and not updated as an inventory.


Tenjho Tenge Geneon Version in Collector Box

Soul Hunter Set

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Set (1 and 2)

20150616_141529Vandread Ultimate Collection

Machine Doll Set (Blu-Ray)

Soni Ani

Ai Your Aoshi Complete

DearS Complete

Doki Doki School Hours

Cowboy Bebop

Dragon Ball Z First Strike Set

Witch Blade complete

Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls


Vampire Doll1

Beet 4

Naruto 5,6

Avatar the Last AirBender 2


GBA Pokemon Leaf Green version

PS2 The Simpsons

PS2 Zatchbell Mamodo Fury

Wii Shaun White

PS3 Infamous 2

PS2 Hunter the Reckoning Wayward


PS2 Kingdom Hearts

Kamen Rider Battride War 2 (Import)

Kamen Rider Summonride  (Import), includes game, summoning station and set pieces)


Queen’s Blade Ari Revoltech

Queen’s Blade Melona Revoltech

Queen’s Blade Lena Revoltech

Queen’s Blade Alice Revoltech

Evangelion Asuksa Fraulen

Evangelion Rei Fraulen Series No. 1

Evangelion Rei Fraulen Series No. 8

Soltic Revol Tech

Dougram Revol Tech







Necomimi Back in Stock

Necomimi Electronic Ears

Necomimi Electronic Ears

Electronic Cat Ears are back in stock.