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Merchandise Just Arrived

Here is a list of items that have come in. This list is just for information and not updated as an inventory.

Happy Pillow

Happy Pillow




Berserk The Golden Age Arc 3


D-Gray-man Season 1

Eden of the East Movie 1 and 2

Gunslinger Girl Complete

Hetalia Axis Powers


sebastian pillow

sebastian pillow

Queen’s Blade 2,3

Sailor Moon Part 1

Sgt Frog 1,3



Str A In

Summer Wars

The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye


Weathering Continent

Yamada’s First Time

Angel Beats!:

Yuri t-shirt (L)

Phone Charm

Emblem Key Chain

Attack on Titan:

T-Shirt Scout Regiment (L)

titan patch

titan patch

Colossal Titan Patch

Phone Charm;  Scout Regiment, Armin, Titan,


Plush: Armin, Eren

Black Butler:


Sebastian Body Pillows (Portrait and Laying)

Black Rock Shooter:

Character T-Shirt


Miku Mug

Miku Mug


Blue Exorcist:

Wristband Rin

Playing Cards

Key Chains

Kuro Plush


Orihime Flower Patch


Tin Pencil Case Kon

Cowboy Bebop Pencil Tin

Cowboy Bebop Pencil Tin

Certain Scientific Railgun:




Code Geass:

Key Chain

Cowboy Bebop:

Tin Pencil Case

Death Note:


Blue Exorcist Plush

Blue Exorcist Plush

Dragon Ball:

Blanket Goku

Durarara!! :


Playing Cards

Fairy Tail:


Tin Pencil Case Logo

Happy Pillow

Hetalia Lunch Bag

Hetalia Lunch Bag





Takkun  Pillow


Playing Cards



Lunch Bag


Hetalia Pencil Case

Hetalia Pencil Case



Tin Pencil Case Group


Playing Cards

Pixie Plush

Inu Yasha :

Playing Cards


Kill La Kill Travel Mug

Kill La Kill Travel Mug


Kill La Kill:

Travel Mug Ryuko Vs Satuski

Legend of Zelda:


Madoka Magica:



Tin Pencil Case

Wall Clock


Mug Alibaba

Magi Mug

Magi Mug

Mega Man:

Playing Cards




Playing Cards

Pencil Case

Pencil Case

Key Chains; Iruka, Pakkun, Nine Tail Fox

Deidara, Tobi



Tin Pencil Case

Ouran High School:

Ouran High Mug

Ouran High Mug

Group Mug

Persona 4:




Sailor Moon:


Playing Cards

Chibimoon Plush

Chibimoon Plush

Key Chain

Chibimoon Plush


Tin Pencil Case

Playing Cards

Soul Eater:


Spice and Wolf:

Playing Cards

Sword Art Online:

Sword Art Online Clock

Sword Art Online Clock

Kirtiro T-shirt

Tin Pencil Case

Wall Clock

Tales of Symphonia:




Tin Pencil Case



Miku Lanyard

Miku Lanyard

Button Lin and Len

Lanyard Miku

Phone Charm; Kairo, Luka, Meiko, Miku

Miku Mug

Miku Towel

Pop! Vinal Figure

Key Chains

Wagnaria!! :


Miku Figure

Miku Figure


Antique Bakery 3,4

Antique Gift Shop 2-8,10

Sstral Project 1

Avalon  Web of Magic 3

Aventura 1

Bride’s Story 6

DiGi Charat 3

Dracula Everlasting 1-3

Dragon Girl 2

Drago Ball Blanket

Drago Ball Blanket

Dragon Sword and Wind Child (Novel)

Flower of Life 1-4

Ghost Hunt 10,11

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

GTO-The Early Years 11,15

Guru guru Pon-Chan 2-8

Haruhi: celebration of Haruhi Suzumiya

Hayate X Blade 1,3

Hetalia 6

Hyde and Closer 1,2,3,6,7


FLCL Blanket

FLCL Blanket

nu Baka 4,7,8-14

Inu x Boku SS 5

Judge 5

Kabuki 3,4

Kagetaora 10

Kare Frist Love 1

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Vol 4

Knights 1,2

Kurohime 7,12-14


Madoka Hoodie

Madoka Hoodie

Love Roma 2-5

Madara 1,2

Mamatte! L0llipop 6

Melancholy of Mechagirl

Mixed Vegetables 2,3,5,6,7

My Heavenly Hockey Club 2,3,5,6,7

Madoka Magica The Different Story

Ninja Girls 8

One Thousand and One Nights 3,5,10

Oninage 4

Ulquiorra Pillow

Ulquiorra Pillow

Othello 1,2,5

Panda Man

Rocket Girls (Novel)

Sankarea 2,3,9

Sayonara Zetsubou0- Sensei 9,11,12

Strategy in Japanese Swordsmanship

Sword Art Online Novel 1, 2 Arincrad

Sword Art Online Aincrad Manga

Terraformars 1

Ubel Blatt 0

Umineko Episode 4 Alliance of the Golden Witch


Items In Today

44935537045360Here is a list of what came in today.


Silver Spoon

Occult Academy

House of Five Leaves

Blood Lad

Cardcaptor Sakura 1

Tiger and Bunny Part 2

Brave 10


Hetalia 1,2,4

Attack on Titan Art Book

4935537045162Hatsune Miku Art Book

Blood Bockade Battlefront 6

Blood Lad 2-4

Bokurano Ours 11

Seven Deadly Sins 4

What Did You Eat Yesterday 1

Death Note Items:

Ryuk Dog Tag Necklace

Notebook Necklace

4935537045155Chibi L Phone Charm

Ryuk Earrings

XL T-Shirt

3 Ring Binder

4.2 inchTrading Figures

Medium Figures

Ryuk and Rem large figures

Near Key Chain

Shinigami keychain

Skull Key Chain

1939130794File Folders

Pencil case



Rage of Bahamut:

Trading Figures

Attack on Titan :

Levi Figure


Used Items In

Here is a list of used items that have come in. This is only for informational purposes and not updated as an inventory.


Alice 19th 1

Angelic Layer 1-3

Bleach Box Set 1-21

Bleach 7

Blue Exorcist 1-8

Buso Renkin 2,3,9,10

Comic Party 1-5

Comic Party Last Call 1-3

Dragon Ball 1,2

Full Metal Alchemist 4-6

Godchild 6

Gundam W 1,2,3, Battlefield of Pacifists

Immortal Rain 1

Maniac Road 1-3

MAR 1-15

Missions of Love 1,2

Panic x Panic

Paychic Academy 1-3

The Recipe for Gertrude 1

Someday’s Dreamers 1-5

Soul Eater 1

Ultra Maniac 1


Wild Ones 1

Witch of Artemis 1

The World of Naru 1-3

Zoids 1-4,7-14


E’s Otherwise 1

Orphen Ruins and Relics

DVD and Blu-ray Restock Arrivals

Mikunopolis in Los AnglesWith the holidays behind us, Animeggroll has restocked our DVD selection. The following is a partial list of what we just got in.

Mikunopolis in Los Angles Blu-ray /CD set

Battle Angle

Eden’s Bowy Complete

Case Closed Season 1 and 2

Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden Collections

Saint Seiya

Aquarion Complete Series

Momo: The Girl God of Death Complete Series

Special A Complete Collection

Orphen Complete Collection

Chaos; Head Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere 1 and 2

Mardock Scramble First Compression and Second Combustion

Fate / Stay Night Complete Collection

Samurai Champloo Complete Series

School Rumble Season 1 + OVA

Someday’s Dreamers 1 and 2

The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eyes Complete Collection

Neo Angelique Abyss Complete Collection

Rozen Maiden Complete Collection

Samurai Gun Complete Collection

Kobato Complete Collection

You’re Under Arrest Full Throttle 1 & 2 and Season 2 1 & 2

Moon Phase Complete Series

Rosario + Vampire Season 1

Glass MaidenKoihime Muso Ultimate Collection

And Yet The Town Moves Complete Series

A-Channel Complete Collection

Coffee Samurai / Hoshizora Kiseki double feature

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee seasons 1 & 2

Fractale Complete Series

Soul Eater Complete Series

Fullmetal Alchemist Collection 1 & 2, OVA and Movies

Towanoquon Complete Series

Night Raid 1931 Complete Collection

Chaos; Head Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray combo

Colorful the Motion Picture

Broken Blade Complete Collection

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Complete

Slayers seasons 1-3 and season 4-5 box sets

Glass Maiden Complete Series

Get Backers Complete Collection

Bakuman DVD Issue 1

Megaman Collection 1

Mouse Complete Collection

Fairy Tail Collections 1 & 2

Phi-Brain 1 & 2

Place to Place Complete Collection

Persona 4 Collection 1

Tenchi Muyo Ryo Ohki Collection

High School DxD Blu-ray/DVD combo set

Helsing Ultimate DVD/Blu-ray Collection 1

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia comp;eye Collection + CD

Twelve Kingdoms Collection 1

Samurai Harem Complete Collection

Live Action Films:

I P Man (all 4 films)

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Going By the Book

Versus: Ultimate Edotion

Harimaya Bridge


Monster X Strikes Back

Princess Raccoon

Please note: this is just a partial list and only informational. There are plenty other arrivals so be sure to stop by and check it all out.





House of Five Leaves Complete Series

Used Items In


Naruto 14 (episodes 167-179)

Naruto Shippuden  The Movie-Bonds

Fairy Tail Season 1 (No Box)

S-Cry-ed The complete series bundle

Manga /Books:

20th Century Boys 9

After School Nightmare 1-7


Anima 1-6

Bleach 15

Black Butler 1

Black Sun 1-7

Bran Doll

Buso Renkin 9

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword 1-19

Cross Break 1

The Day of Revolution 1,2

Destinty’s Hand 1

Digimon 1-5

Digimon Tamers 3,4

Digimon Zero Two 1,2

Dragon Ball 1

Dragon Eye 1,2

Empty Empire 1-3

Family Complex

Flame of Recca 12-14

Gin Tama 8,9,10

Ghost Talker’s Daydream 1

Heros are Extinct 1-3

Immortal Rain 1-7

Jormungand 1

Kage Tora 4,5,6,7,9,10,11

Kamiyadori 1-3

Kana 1

Kingdom Hearts II

Konkon 1

Loveless 1,3,6,7

Monochrome Factor1

Murder Princess 1

Mystical Prince Yoshida -kun!

Night of the Beast 1-6

Nora The Last Chronicle of Devildaom 1

Pokemon World of Sinnoh

Psychic Power Nanaki 1

Psycho Busters 1

Ral Grad

Rose Hip Zero 1-5

Saiyuki Reload 1’2

Sakura Taisen 1-5

Sky Scrappers of Oz

Soul Rescue 1,2

Suki by Clamp 1-3

Switch 5

Tail of the Moon 14

Tengai-Retrogical 1

Tengu-Jin 1

Testarotho 1-4

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth 1

Train + Train 1-3

Vampire Doll 1-5

Variante 1

XXX Holic  1-11, 14, 15

Zig Zag 1


Other Books:

Manga Cross Stitch

The Physics of Star Trek

Kamen Rider (Japanese)



New Items In 10-22-13

Here is a list of what just came in. This list is for information only and not updated as an inventory.

Totoro Clock

Totoro Clock


Tiger and Bunny Side A

Tiger and Bunny Side B

Naruto 25

Attack on Titan 2,3,7

Animal Land 8

Sword Art Online Scroll

Sword Art Online Scroll

Jack the Ripper 5

Alice in the Country of JOker 3

Haganai  I don’t have Many Friends 4

Trigun Omnibus


Sword Art Online Scroll

Sword Art Online Scroll

tsuri tama

Other Items:

Totoro desk clock

My Little Pony Lanyard

Porco Rosso Ceramic Mug

Bleach Pins

FMA Necklace

FMA Wallets

Sword Art Online Scrolls (2)

FMA Necklace

FMA Necklace


FMA Wallet

FMA Wallet



My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book

My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book


Cabbit Back Pack

Cabbit Back Pack


Link Plush

Link Plush

whisper of the heart

My Neighbor Totoro Picture Book

FMA WalletFMA Wallet