BanG Dream

Title: BanG Dream

Publisher: Sentai Filmworks

U. S. Release Date: June 19, 2018

Format: Blu-ray, 13 Episodes plus 1 OVA ,  350 Minutes, Subtitled

Genre: School Girl slice of life/comedy

Age Rating: 14+

Overall Personal Rating: B


Kasumi Toyama is a happy can-do girl. She is alway looking for the feeling which she calls “sparkle”, which she associates with the symbol of  a star. This feeling can be described as an exciting and hopeful experience/feeling.

One day, following a trail of stars, Kasumi finds herself at an old store where she sees a “star shaped” guitar. This is a seed planted in her mind that begins to grow after she sees a local girl band playing at a small music venue hall. She feels the “sparkle” and becomes determined to form her own band so she can find the excitement she is seeking-wanting to share and inspire others in the future.


BanG Dream is more than a single anime. It is rather like a whole universe created. There is a live band, manga series, this Blu-ray edition and at least 2 more “seasons”(They seem to be listed with extended titles instead of labeled numerically.), and a game.

This anime centers around music as a story telling element, but friendship is really the overwhelming theme to me. As the band is formed, new friendships are forged.

Now, Kasumi as a character brushes way too close to annoying, but manages to squeak by. She has to be rather pushy and persistent to get someone to join the band. I don’t think she sees it that way, she is just so enthusiastic  and doesn’t give up. In her ever optimistic way, she just keeps going for what she wants and knows in her mind is what the other person is supposed to do. True, because the outcome is good, her techniques as a recruiter  are redeemed.

One thing I found annoying because it seems so impossible, is that Kasumi has never played guitar before and is now first learning. Even so, she makes it on stage in a matter of months. The anime does address this by saying it isn’t her skill but her enthusiasm and heart that she brings to the band. Other band members have already been playing instruments and are key to her learning. They value her friendship and know she is the glue that holds them all together.

I didn’t feel like I could rate BanG Dream higher than a B, because I  have been seeing too many of these similar story themes of an enthusiastic student forming a club or group, whose passions become contagious and though there are minor set backs, they prevail spectacularly. Always fun to watch, and this is a good one, but sometimes to compete in this growing selection, something extra would go along way.  As an example, Kabuki-bu is unique by bringing in a the elements of tradition thriving in the modern world, not forced but embraced by a young person.If you like BanG Dream, I think you’ll also like Kabuki-bu. )

BanG Dream may have two more seasons (or series), but this one ends in a way that feel whole and complete in a satisfying way.

Overall Grade: B 

A light and bubbly anime to encourage all to follow their dreams and feel good when your done watching. A fun visit with characters that will feel like friends.

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