One Piece Season Five Voyage Six

One Piece Season 5 part 6

review provide by Luther

One Piece Season Five Voyage Six

Director: Hiroaki Miyamoto

Original Creator: Eiichiro Oda

U. S. Distributor: FUNimation

U. S. Release Dates: March 4 2014

Format: DVD / 12 Episodes / 300 minutes

Genre: Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Shonen

Age Rating: TV14

Overall Personal Rating: B-

The maiden voyage of the Thousand Sunny begins now!


The latest adventure kicks off with a battle between Fire Fist Ace and the dastardly Blackbeard. Flames collide with the crushing power of darkness as these heavyweights lay waste to an entire island. When the dust settles on their showdown, the scene shifts back to the Straw Hats who find themselves trapped in frigid waters – and hunted by a family of bounty hunters. After their icy adversaries steal the Straw Hats’ flag, it’s all hands on deck to recover the precious symbol of their pirate pride! Chopper unleashes a Rumble Ball on a hockey hooligan, Franky unveils his Shark Submerge in a clash with some pesky penguins, and Luffy goes toe-to-toe with a foe that’s too hot to handle. Side by side they’ll fight to the death – because a pirate without a flag is no pirate at all!


One Piece Season Five Voyage Six primarily contains a filler story arc. While the first episode is an exciting and a plot crucial fight between Ace and Blackbeard, ten of the episodes are part of the Lovely Land arc, making it the second longest filler arc in One Piece. Unfortunately for as long as it is, it is set in a relatively bland location. With most of set in an artic location the backgrounds are primarily glaciers, making for a dull setting. However the white backgrounds contrast well with the antagonist, with their colorful personalities and character designs, they really pop in this environment.

Although most filer arcs are lack luster, I found this one relatively interesting, because unlike most, it had enough episodes to make a disguised story. Ultimately the story isn’t as good as the main plot, but it is still amusing. One thing to note is that even with the adequate plot, many of the battles are notably underwhelming compared main story fights. It often feels like the Straw Hat Pirates aren’t fighting with their full potential, and are often losing to enemies that are far weaker than them. However, the final confrontation is a rather grandiose battle between devil fruit power users.

Overall Grade: B-

While One Piece Season Five Voyage Six contains one of my favorite filler arcs, ultimately it is still just filler and can’t compare to the main story of the series.

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