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07-Ghost Volume 10 Manga Review

07-Ghost 10“The Radius” Title: 07-Ghost Volume 10

Story: Yuki Amemiya

Artist: Yukino Ichihara

U. S. Distributor: Viz Media

U. S. Release Date: May 13, 2014

Format: Manga, supernatural, adventure, 200 pages

Age Rating: T for Teen

Overall Personal Rating: C+


Even though he becomes sick, Teito is adamit about taking Capella to find his mother. They and Frau head to the town of Neel but things seem wierd when they try to find the place she is supposed to be.  Surrounded by forests, the entrance seems to be hidden.  Capella’s mother is deep in a farce to trick the enemies who are trying to steal away the land from the rightful heirs. There is more behind the plot, something supernatural is at work.

As this arc finishes, the rest of Capella’s story is revealed, but is that going to be enough for Capella and Teito to accept his mother and forgive her.

There is a Hawkzile race in  Barsburg. Teito talks Frau into entering so that they can use the rack to get into district 1 without going through inspection. Teito needs to see Princess Ouka again.



07-Ghost is a series that has both positives and negatives. It is almost as if the writer brainstormed elements that would exists in a good story, and works to find a way to get them all in, whether they really fit or not, leaving little room to fully explain or experience any of them. Then, to make it exotic or edgy, or something, use Christian terms and German words in ways outside or vaguely connected to the original meanings.  All of this makes the story kind of stutter around and a bit jumpy.

My favorite part of this series it the overall look of the drawings. It is edgy with well defined blocks of black and white. The linear edges are dynamic and create dramatic images but sometimes the design elements take over and the reader has to figure out what everything in the picture is.

 07 Ghost isn’t anywhere near my favorite series, but I am committed to see it to the end. It is darker than I usually read, but with the artwork and  knowing about other people who are into the series is what keeps me going. As the main character, I don’t really connect with Teito, but this is also something I keep expecting to change. I liked Capella the most, but I think we will be seeing less of him. I guess I expect something will turn around in 07 Ghost. I expect to like it and I don’t know why. It somehow portrays that something great is going to happen and I want to see what that will be.


Overall Grade: C+