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Happy Marriage ?! Volume 3 Manga Review

Happy Marriage?! 3“The Radius”

Title: Happy Marriage 3

Writer/ Artist: Maki Enjoji

U. S. Distributor: Viz Media

U. S. Release Date: December 3, 2013

Format: Shojo Manga

Genre: Romance

Age Rating: M

Overall Personal Rating: B+



Chiwa didn’t marry for love, but rather it was an arranged marriage to Hokuto, of the Mamiya Company, in order to pay off her father’s debt.  It is a marriage of convenience not of love. They are more roommates than spouses.

Although Chiwa is 23, she never had a boyfriend and suddenly she’s living with a man she barely knew. Even so, she couldn’t help falling for him and wished he could love her back.

In volume 3, Hokuto is sick and Chiwa takes care of him. They both begin to realize how little they know about each other, after all, they are married. Even as they try, it doesn’t go smoothly but at least they are talking more to each other.

It’s December and the difficulties of Christmas and present giving complicate things. New Year’s with Hokuto’s extended family are even worse as he is not well received by his cousins.



This is a rather sweet love story, although a bit more on one side than the other. Chiwa is a simple yet pleasant character who has a sweet and innocent hear. I can’t help but like her. Hokuto seems a bit of the strong, upwardly mobile loner. And, of course, they make a great romance couple.

Jumping in at volume 3, I don’t see why this has a M rating. There isn’t any images or language that seems past teen. Now, there are situations that arise between a married couple, but nothing happens. Demon Love Spell pushes things much further and that is 16+. Perhaps it is another volume in the series that needs the rating. I found that to be the case in the series Emma, that not all the volumes needed a higher age rating, but there were points in that did.

Both Chiwa and Hokuto have revealed more about themselves, their lives and even, in at least one case, their feelings. Some of it was intentional, some by accident. However long they live together, and for whatever reasons, they are really starting to make the best of it.

The story elements seem like ones I’ve heard before, but it is still well done and makes for a light and enjoyable series. There isn’t anything too complex and there isn’t any life lessons. Still, it does what it is supposed to. A love story that leaves the readers feeling good at the end.

Overall Grade: B+ A fun manga to enjoy.

“In the Radius”: Stepping on Roses is a similar series where the husband is wealthy compared to the wife and marriage is initially more of a business deal.