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Strobe Edge 9 Manga Review

Strobe Edge 9Title: Strobe Edge 9

Author/Artist: Io Sakisaka

U.S. Distributor: Viz Media

Release Date: March 4, 2014

Format: Shojo Manga

Genre: High School Romance

Industry Age Rating: T

Overall Personal Rating: A-

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A beautifully illustrated high school romance of sorts, with Ninako trying to figure out who she is and how to navigate the world of relationships.


Ninako has opened up to her friends, trying to explain what is going on. They don’t really understand, but it helps Ninako to release her feelings and hopefully think straighter. She is struggling to give up her interest in Ren so as not to interfere with his friendship with Ando. Besides, she believes that Ren is a friendly guy and the way he acts around her doesn’t mean anything special.

Now that Ren has admitted to himself he like Ninako, he is feeling jealous when he seen her with Toda. Why does she talk and confide in him so much? Can he get Ninako to accept his feelings?

Even during the school festival, many in the group is distracted by their feelings and inner confusion. Mao (Ando’s ex) reveals the motives behind her behaviors.

Ando knows he is running out of time if he is to win Ninako’s heart before Ren confesses his love to her.




They are getting close but Ninako is missing her opportunities, and she’s doing it on purpose. Poor Ren. No matter how much she rejects him, he can’t stop loving her. By the end of the volume I’m not sure if I  want to cheer Ninako on or yell at her. I definitely want to cheer Ren on. Come on you two! You both like each other, stop letting things get in the way. Ninako is always finding a reason to be guilty, maybe she is just so scared that she can’t take the risk to try again.

I am very impressed with the artwork. The images are lovely without being frilly or flowery (like Sakura Hime).The drawings really have the ability to convey a lot, like the weight of the bags Ninako is carrying or the ideas and emotions in the glances Ren gives Ninako. There is obvious skill in portraying the human form and the clothes they wear, it is much more than being cute. There is a naturalness to the way they stand and move. The emphasis really is on the people and faces with little background at all. This really draws all of the attention to the characters and the relationship driven story. Strobe Edge is one of my top 5 favorites in manga art.

The series had been getting a little long with people spending too much time on a one sided love, and the series hasn’t gotten away from it, but it seems to be on the edge of a change. Ninako, no matter how she tries, can’t control how other people’s friendships will go. Her over thinking and constant worry is causing more problems than the ones she is trying to solve. She is seeing this from the position of a child with the ability to reason like an adult, but this is creating faulty logic.

Strobe Edge 9 seems to read easy and comfortably. It has a good flow with the introspective moments and then the characters coming together. It builds an expectation and interests in the situations. It brings us in and makes our thoughts part of the story as well. Unfortunately, it makes it harder to wait for the next volume! (May 6, 2014)


Extras: Author’s notes on the manga or personal life.

Overall Grade: A-