Very Small Bandai Delivery 2.5.2021

Here is the list of items we just received. Please note that there are limited quantities of these items.

<Side Ghost>Tachikoma “Ghost In The Shell S.A.C. 2nd Gig, 2045”, Bandai Spirits THE ROBOT SPIRITS

Shodo Digimon Adventure 2 “Digimon”, Bandai Shokugan 

Tomioka Giyu-Mizu Hashira “Demon Slayer”, Bandai Spirits Figuarts Mini

#39 ’00 Gundam New type (Tentative) “Gundam Build Divers”, Bandai Spirits HGBD 1/144

Izuku Midoriya “My Hero Academia”, Bandai Spirits Entry Grade 

Pacmodel “Pac-Man”, Bandai Spirits Entry Grade 

#05 Slash Image Ver. (Green) “30 Minute Missions”, Bandai Spirits Customize Effect

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