Gundam at St. Louis Science Center

On Friday April 7th Animeggroll and Bluefin Distribution will present a Gundam Entry Grade build experience for novice or interested model builders at the St. Louis Science Center as part of the First Friday Anime Invasion.

Animeggroll will also present the below panel from 7:30 to 8 PM.

Gundam Science: Mech Suits in the Real World

With over 30 years of Gundam and other Mech anime, many people want to know when we will have giant mech suits of our own. We will look if Gundams will ever walk the earth, and if not what sort of mech will take their place.

There will be two build sessions for new or never before but interested builders. Each builder will be given an entry grade gundam and 45 minutes to build the kit. Entry grade kits are exactly what they should like, they are easy to build models that stand over 5 inches tall when done. They require no special tools, glue or paint and will give new interested builders a taste of what a new model building experience is like.

The sessions will run from 6:45 to 7:25 PM and 8:10 to 8:55 PM. There will be slots for 15 builders each session. Animeggroll will have two experienced builders in each session to make sure any questions or help will be taken care of.

Animeggroll would like to thank Bluefin Distribution for providing all of the Entry Grade Gundam models for the event.

Any participants in the event will have their pictures taken for internet display and will be required to agree

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