New Delivery

Here is the list of items we just received:

Playmats and Wallscrolls:

Hatsune Miku Wall Scroll – Original 

Hatsune Miku Wall Scroll – Group 

Hatsune Miku “Thank You” Wall Scroll 

Hatsune Miku: Summertime Playmat 

Fate/stay night Collection I Group Playmat 

Kill la Kill Collection II Ryuko vs Satsuki Playmat 

Card Games – No Game No Life Playmat

Saitama Serious Mode Playmat for ONE-PUNCHMAN

Throne Room Playmat – No Game No Life 

No Game No Life Wall Scroll – Disboard 

Attack on Titan Playmat – The Beginning 

Attack on Titan Playmat – The Survey Corps 

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