Seven Heavenly Virtues (anime review)

Title: Seven Heavenly Virtues

Director: Shinji Ishihara

Studio: Bridge

Format: Blu-ray / 10n episodes and 2 OVA / 48 Minutes

Genre: Fantasy, Ecchi

Age Rating: TV MA

Overall Rating: C-


When the fallen angel Lucifer starts raising hell down below, Heaven decides that it’s time to start looking for a new savior to keep humanity from succumbing to the lure of Sin. Unfortunately, the seven beautiful angels assigned to the task of finding a new Messiah may not be the best choices.

Their nominal leader, Michael, the Angel of Faith, is plagued by self-doubt. Gabriel, the Angel of Chastity, struggles to defend morality in a costume that’s sure to lead men into Temptation. Metatron (Charity) has a surprising bondage fetish while her sister, Sandalphon (Diligence), has trouble focusing. Uriel (Patience) has bladder control issues and… well, let’s just say that none of them are exactly qualified and with guardian Angels like these, Mankind is almost certain to be doomed!


Wow, I haven’t see such a blatant ecchi anime in a long time. I am not sure why there is any story line, because there isn’t. This series is one step shy of hentai and that is being generous. I understand why the episodes are so short and why we never really get to know anyone.

Overall Rating: C-

As the Seven Heavenly Virtues progressed through the short severely pointed episodes I began to realize that the creators must be 28 year old shut-ins who are rather fixated on the 2D girls. Or, maybe they are 40 something producers trying to take advantage of those 20 something shut-ins. Of course in Japan they could easily be 16 or older.

I found the series to be amazing it its lack of story, but rather focused in its attempt to provide true ecchi experience. So if you are old enough then Seven Heavenly Virtues will provide enough sexual tension to make you want to take a cold shower.

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