The Princess Principle Anime Review

Title: The Princess Principle

Director: Hasaki Tachibana

Publisher: Sentai Filmworks

Format: Blu-ray /  12 episodes  / 300 Minutes

Genre: Drama

Release date: 9-25-18

Age Rating: 14+

Overall Rating: B-


The story takes place back in an alternate Great Britain, where a civil war has split the county (called Albion-on a side note, this is an old name for the island of Great Britain).  The “Kingdom” is ruled by the traditional monarchy and the “Commonwealth”  made of the working class that split off.

Inside the Kingdom’s Queen’s Mayfair school where Princess Charlotte attends, Dorothy and Ange, who are spies for the Commonwealth, have taken roles as students. They are joined by Chise, an student from Japan, who retains her cultural identity. The skill and tactics she brings assist them in many ways. Unexpectedly, Princess Charlotte joins them along with her attendant Beatrice. Can these two be trusted? What are their real motives?

Missions are assigned to the group in order to protect the Commonwealth. Violence is common in these cases and the women can handle a gun. They are spies willing to take the risk and carry out the orders.

There is more to the uncanny resemblance between Charlotte and Ange. They have a history that could destroy them both.


Twists and turns with the characters and relationships are the star of this anime. Included in this are trying to figure out who really works for which side and who is in charge. The history and relationship between Charlotte and Ange was my favorite part. That’s all I will say about that, the surprise is part of the intrigue.

Visually, I felt the anime to be okay. The costume were interesting in the context, the character designs were fine. What didn’t work for me was they mixed art and animation styles which did not mesh together, like overlapping universes.  The Queen especially looked comically out of place.

I watched all but one episode in English. It just comes across odd to watch a show set in an England type of world and everyone speaking Japanese. It was also true for the anime Emma, but my disc was only in English subtitles. I am glad they dubbed Princess Principle. It was done well and really added to the appeal.

Most of the episodes are stand alone “cases”.  The mission is completed by the endow the episode. There is an thread of story that winds through the whole season. Some of the background information is revealed through a step back on the timeline, but it never gets confusing.

I found the ending to be satisfying but open to the possibilities of more episodes.

Overall Rating: B-

Just when you think they are friends, they’ll say they are just spies. So when you expect them to be all business, they’ll do something friendly. The Princess Principle has an interesting story and a small touch of steampunk, but not the qualities I watch anime for.

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